Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Rain's POV

'That was just a dream, just a dream...' the lyrics of 'Losing My Religion' played in my head. I woke up with a start when I felt a cold hand touch my face. "How are you feeling?” Leslie asked with concern written all over her face. I sprung up from the terribly hard and uncomfortable bed in the nurse's room. "Where is she!?!” I asked, venom dripping with every word I spoke.

"Who? Kai or Taylor?” Leslie asked calmly knowing I was mad.

“Rain you can't go and beat her up it's pointless.” Leslie tried to explain to me.

"She had no right to do that. Kai had no right to tell the witch even though she trusted her!” I was furious, I stormed out of the clinic in hopes to find Taylor and beat her up.

"Rain”, Leslie sighed but unfortunately for her I was already out the door.

The next day I arrived at the school earlier than my usual time. This was so that no one would bother asking me any questions as they would all be sleeping on the tables or not in school. I also came early to have a little word with Taylor. To my dismay she did not show up the whole day and neither did Kai. It made me feel sick in the stomach to know that they were out there who knows where drinking and smoking and doing drugs. I had to think of a way to get back at Kai. To make her feel what it's like to watch your best friend cut in front of you and not stop. Surprisingly the two of them arrived to class in the last period. Taylor walked in with this evil smirk on her face and Kai followed behind.

They grabbed the seat right I front of me. 'Just great! Now they will taunt you for the rest of the lesson!’ Just as I thought, Taylor started to slowly move in towards Kai and put her hand on Kai's inner thigh. Kai seemed to give a weak smile and also lean in towards Taylor until their lips touched. I sat in my seat with my eyeballs almost out of my head and mouth dropped to the table. In that moment I didn't know whether their aim was to taunt me or whether they really liked each other.

I was in ultimate shock that I didn't not hear or see Taylor stand up and address the class. All I managed to get was "- sadly I'm leaving the school". When I heard what I had picked up my mind and heart started to jump for joy knowing that Taylor won't be there to ruin my friendship with Kai.

"So when are you leaving?” I suddenly blurted out that caused the whole class to look at me as my face turned red with embarrassment.

"Rain, I know your stupid and lazy and all that stuff, but I didn't know that you never kept track of time also. Thanks for letting me know. Oh and just letting you know that today is also the last day of the school year. And I will not be returning for the next!” Taylor said to me in her matter of fact tone mixed with her bossiness tone.

"Whatever", I mumbled causing Kai to turn around at glare at me.


Kai's POV

'What the hell was wrong with her!? First of all how could she even ask a question like that. In front of the whole class!. Arrrrgggghhhhh!!!! I want to kill Rain! I want to make her suffer. The same way she made me suffer.'

With all these thoughts going through my head the only way I knew how to take slight revenge was to kiss Taylor again. So I got up from my seat and crashed my lips into Taylor's for the second time. Just like her first reaction Rain looked surprised, jealous and hurt all at once. According to me, she deserved it. Honestly, if I were headmaster of the school by now I would have kicked Rain out.

Eeesshh! I sound evil! But I like it!


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