Devoted Girlfriend (girlxgirl)

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Chapter 1

Rain's POV

"Rain darling, wake up you have school today!” my mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Uggghhh.... It feels so odd going back to school after so many days of holiday. Damn! I slowly made my way out of the bed and into the bathroom to wash up. Then going into my closet I see that there is hardly anything I like there to wear except the things that I've already worn. Not really bothering how I look a quickly put on a pair of dark blue jeans and a blue shirt which my mom hates. Putting on my shoes but not tying the laces I went running down to the kitchen to grab my toast and backpack. Giving mom a quick kiss I grab my keys and head straight to my car. Driving as fast as I could without trying to get caught and avoiding traffic is hard. I had just made it to the school as the final early morning bell went off.

On entering the class a small smile grew on my face as I saw all my friends be their same crazy selves the same way they have been for the past maybe 6 years. 'Shit! I've been with the same class for the past 6 years!!!! That means I've been in this school for 8. Damn! Time really does fly when you're having fun', I said to myself. Walking in and greeting everyone was nice but for some odd reason I was unable to greet my own best friend, Kai. She was talking to Taylor. I may have not liked Taylor much because of all her wrong doings but I did try and help her. And yes somehow magically I ended up hanging out with her. While I was around she would always keep away her cigarette pack and the blades. As I said something was odd about meeting Kai today. I walked passed her and greeted both of them, but Kai did not respond, something was wrong. Usually when Kai greets me or hugs me or even just talks to me it feels like fireworks go through my body.

During our lunch break I pulled Kai aside and asked her what's wrong. Her eyes were puffy as if she was crying. She had her wrists wrapped in cloth and her breath smelled of a mixture of smoke and alcohol. 'SMOKE AND ALCOHOL!!!!' "Kai what the hell have you been doing during the holidays???” I asked with concern in my tone. "None of your business Rain! You should have been there when I needed you most, but you weren't because you must have been out looking for another fight! So BACKOFF ARSEHOLE!” with that she pushed me aside and walked off to have a chat with Taylor. I was stunned at what she said. In her entire life she has never spoken to anyone that way. I cared about Kai too much to give up on her, I loved her a lot to just leave her like that and let her just waste her life like that, and to add to all of that I have a major crush on her.... I feel like I lost that beautiful face with those piercing green eyes and dark straight hair...


Kai's POV

"..BACKOFF ARSEHOLE!” those words kept playing in my head as I drove home from school. Rain didn't bother talking or trying to make a conversation with me either. Somewhere deep down I knew she wanted to help me but I don't know why she would even bother to help a person like me. She WAS always there for me until that day when my mother died. That was the time I needed her most to comfort me, but she wasn't there. She didn't pick up her phone. Tears started to roll down my cheeks as I remembered my mother and I remembered Rain...

I didn't get much sleep that night so I decided to check my Facebook messages. I have no idea why I would do that because no one usually messages me except Taylor and Rain. Haa speak of the devil and the devil appears. Rain had just sent me a message.

Rain: "Kai pls stop wat ur doin. I'm so sorry bout ur mom. I didn't know. I found out only after u left, from Taylor. Kai pls this is not u. Uk how Taylor will get u addicted to this stuff. So pls I don't want to lose u..."

My blood started to boil when she said that Taylor would get me addicted

Me: "why do u care Rain?? Huh? Wats so special about me that u care so much? U gave up on Taylor why not give up to me too??"

Almost immediately she replied

Rain: "I care about u coz ur my best friend! And I don't wanna lose u! And I...”

Me: " u care about me??!! If u cared u would have picked up ur phone! And u wat...?"

Rain: "I was busy, my phone was on silent and then it died. And I... I love u.... More than a friend..."

Reading that last line of her message I was shocked. I knew that Rain was a major tomboy and all and that she didn't have a boyfriend but I didn't know she lesbian...

Me: " ur weird.... I'm straight and ummm this convo is over...”

With that I turned off my laptop and eventually went off to sleep.


Rain's POV

Oh God!! What did I just do?

'You just told her you love her u idiot'

'Well look who's talking!'

I'm so screwed.

The next day I walked in miserable as ever. I watched as Kai and Taylor walked in whispering something to each other that made Taylor look my way. The day dragged on slowly and I kept getting weird looks from both Kai and Taylor throughout the day. It was the last period and it was math so I decided to put my head down on the table. My good friend Leslie asked if I was alright, all that came out of my mouth was "I'm so screwed."

I couldn't take sitting in that spot any longer, so I asked the teacher if I could use the bathroom. Just as I reached the door, Taylor stood up in her place and said the words I dreaded...

"Everyone listen up! Rain here as in Rain Pinto has a huge crush on Kai!"

My heart started to pound and I started to feel faint as her laughter grew louder and louder in my head. Before I knew it I passed out.


I posted this book on another account before.. i have deleted that account so here is the book. I am the same person so don't worry the book wasn't stolen or anything

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