Why wont the Rain stop falling? Why is the Rain Red?

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Why wont the Rain Stop falling, Why is the Rain Red?

Why is it everytime I turn around someone I love is taken away from me? My mother and father were killed by someone we trusted. My brothers and best friend were killed protecting me. My life was spared, why mine and yet why not. I wish I was with them so I won't have to be alone in this world of pain and despair, but then someone took my hand and helped me up. He was there when things got hard. He was like a second father, but then he was snatched away. My life seemed to be crumbling from underneath me. When I think about ending my life I then think about the good times. I grew up with a loving family and had great friends. My feelings for one grew to be more then just feelings but of love. I would think of the times when we sat underneath the cherry trees watching the clouds go by, or sitting on the rooftops watching the sunsets. Back then I was so happy. When I came to my new home I felt so alone, but soon I made new friends. My life has its ups and its downs, but I still want to know Why wont the rain stop falling, why is the rain red?