3rd chapter

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Nora was lying in bed and did not feel like opening her eyes. She hated Thursdays. No other day of the week could be as awful as a Thursday. The week was already going on for long enough that she was exhausted, but the weekend was still far away. But the crucial factor was that, on Thursdays, absurd and unbelievable things would often happen to her, coincidentally or not. For example, today, she had to go to the library and ask if she could take home a book that she needed to write her master's thesis. And she knew that the grumpy red-headed hag would be working that day, the one that used her dragon powers to destroy all the students who even tried to set foot on the holy ground of the library. One could never imagine that her job actually was to loan those books to them.

- Good morning. I'm not even going to ask how you are. I know what day it is – Monika was already waiting for her, with Nora's sizeable red coffee cup ready.

- Ah... Aren't you just a sight for sore eyes on days like these – Nora laughed, holding the cup with both hands.

- Firstly, you are drinking too much coffee. Nobody owns a mug as large as yours. And secondly, I no longer believe you don't like Thursdays. Ever since you've been with Viktor, I think you can't wait for a Thursday to come because he treats you like a princess, you manipulator. In fact, I think all of it was just your evil trick and that I'm onto you, finally.

- Of course, your wisdom is unmatched – Nora stuck her tongue out at Monika like a little kid.

- Whatever, coffee is a must for every self-respecting person, thank you very much. There is something important I wanted to talk to you about.

- Yes? – Monika looked at Nora suspiciously while taking a big sip of the aromatic beverage.

- I would like to negotiate your yellow dress – Nora immediately raised her right hand to silence her friend.

- Before you object, please listen to my arguments. So, think about it as an investment for your peaceful afternoon you would otherwise spend wandering around in search of clothes for me, as it usually happens. Second, I have to be pretty for my boyfriend, while you for your cat on the couch, not so much. Third, that dress really fits me... Which does not mean it doesn't fit you... And yes, the last thing, today is a Thursday, and I really don't like Thursdays and need something to cheer me up – she was batting her eyelashes dramatically to point out her sad face.

- I'm not Viktor, so your sad puppy eyes won't work on me. And who says I don't have to be pretty for the cat. When he sees you in the morning, with your messy hair and your torn pajamas, he doesn't recover from the shock until we get back from our classes. Look at him, he's still under the couch, afraid to come out, poor thing – she sniffled at the cat, urging him to sit on her lap.

- So we have a deal – Nora clapped her hands and put the cup in the sink. She passingly kissed Monika and, slamming the bathroom door, loudly thanked her. Monika just shook her head, laughing.

Nora made it to her class at the last minute and crawled into a seat in the back of the classroom. This lecture was not something that interested her, nor was it necessary for her, so she decided to spend those two hours to work on her thesis. In fact, she was so stoked about her topic that she would spend every waking hour mulling over it. It was something that did not give her rest, compelling her to dig and research. She wanted to find as many examples and specific cases from the practice. She made notes and underlined all the professional texts she could find. She was lucky that her professor and his assistant really came through and provided a bunch of literature that could help her. They were surprised as well, not only by her interest but also by her knowledge in the field of behavioral disorders in children. She got interested in it even before she enrolled in college, by reading a book The Spark by Kristine Barnett, which might have been the key factor in deciding which college she should go to. Nora believed that it was possible to bring out the best from every behavioral disorder, as long as you recognize every child's potentials and interests.

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