Chapter 2 - Your first concert (Part 1)

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*Time Skip to your first concert - brought to you by a small, fire-breathing dragon*

The day had finally come. You were finally going to see Pentatonix, and you couldn't wait. Your best Friend, Nicole, was going to meet you there and be your company for the evening.

As you got yourself ready, putting on some black, skinny jeans with rips across the knees, you played your favourite music and danced along. You put on your Doc Martins, laced them up to your shins, then you stood up and walked over to your wardrobe and picked out your favourite red, checkered shirt and grey, leather jacket.

After you had washed yourself and brushed your teeth, you sat at your vanity table and did your hair. You curled it at the ends and put it into a high ponytail and tied it with a black ribbon. You added some light make-up to finish up your look and blew yourself a kiss in the mirror before getting up and grabbing your bag.

Checking you had everything: keys, phone, tickets and VIP pass, you ran excitedly down the stairs into your kitchen. You grabbed a quick drink of water and had a piece of chewing gum for the ride there, just for some extra minty freshness.

You drove to the venue and parked your silver car in the first available space you saw. You grabbed your bag once again and got out, locking the door behind you. Heading to the entrance, you caught eyes with Nicole who was sitting on a nearby bench.

"Hey, Nikki!" you called to Nicole as she gets up.
"Hey, Y/N, how you feelin'?" Nicole replied.
"I'm so excited! What about you?"
"Oh man, I can't wait... I'm a little nervous though..." Nicole's head dropped a little, she was so nervous to meet her favourite band. Much like you. To be honest, it was probably because she fancied Kevin, and you knew this right from the start.
"It'll be fine..." You said in response, resting your hand on her shoulder for reassurance "...I'm sure Kevin will be happy to meet you!" you teased her, laughing slightly.
"Oh... Shush!" Nicole laughed, blushing a little "I'm sure Avi will be happy to meet an adoring fan..." She winked and slapped your arm jokingly.
"Ok, ok... You win" you replied pulling her into a side hug "let's head in, shall we?"
"We shall" Nicole giggled and the two of you started walking inside.

When the two of you were inside, you admired the beautiful venue. Taking in the views of large windows, looking out onto the river nearby. You were looking at all the golden and platinum records on the walls, with signed pictures from the artists underneath. It was truly magical, you couldn't fully believe you were here.

"This is beautiful, isn't it?" You asked Nicole in an awestruck voice, looking into her hazel eyes.
"Yeah, it really is. I can't believe we meet Pentatonix in a lovely building like this" she replied, happiness radiating off of her.
"I know, we're so lucky! And I'm so glad we're here together" you punched her arm lightly, in a jokey way. She was truly your best friend, you'd known each other since the mere age of 7 and you both watched the sing off together.

*Timeskip to the meet and greet*

It was finally your's and Nicole's turn to meet PTX, your hearts were racing so much, but you couldn't be happier. You walked over to where they were stood and greeted them all in a kind manor, not wanting to seem like a crazy pentaholic...

"Hey, I'm so glad I get to meet you guys, you did so amazing on the sing off!" You said with nervousness in your voice.
Scott spoke first, his voice very melodic and sweet.
"Oh, thank you!" he said cheerily, "we love meeting fans, what's your guys' names?"
"Hi, I'm Nicole" Nicole said nervously, making slight eye contact with Kevin, then looking back to Scott.
"And I'm Y/N, we love your music so much" you said confidently, making eye contact with Avi, "the beat boxing and bass are so good, I've never heard anything like you two before!"
"Well, I guess we're doing something right then!" Kevin laughed slightly looking into Nicole's eyes.
"Why thank you, I do try to be unique" Avi said in his beautiful bass voice, sending shivers up your spine. You loved him so much.
"Can we get a few pictures with you guys?" You asked
"Of course" Kirstie and Mitch said together.
"Do you mind if we ask you to pose with us?" Nicole asked, blushing as she looked at Kevin.
"Not at all" Avi and Scott say in unison.

A big smile filled your face as they said this. The next minute or so, you explained that you wanted Scott and Mitch to kiss, Avi and you to kiss (on the cheek of course), Kevin and Nicole to kiss (again on the cheek) and for Kirstie to be in the background looking shocked. They all agreed and you got the picture. It was amazing.

"Thanks so much..." you said in a giddy fashion "we'll see you on stage!" You and Nicole say together.
"No worries, that was a great picture..." Avi says sheepishly, looking like he was blushing slightly.

*Timeskip to when the show is about to start*

"A few more minutes..." Nicole said as she shook your arm slightly.
"I know! I'm so happy! I can. Not. Wait!" You said in response, excitement building with every word that left your mouth.

The minutes passed by way to slowly for your liking, but the time had finally come. All the house lights had gone down, only leaving the blue stage lights on. The screams from the crowd got louder and more excited, you and Nicole obviously joining in.

All of a sudden, the stage lights went off for a moment or so, giving PTX the 'OK' to go on stage. It was then quiet for what felt like ages, but was only 20 seconds.

"Everybody ready?" A voice came from the stage, you recognised it as Scott instantly and a smile split across your face.
"YEAH!" the crowd shouted in reply, you heard Nicole shout next to you, making you giggle slightly.
"Alright then..." Scott said, pumping up the screams to full volume.

When the lights came back on, the whole of PTX was on the stage, each one under a light blue spotlight. You glanced over at Nicole, you could tell she was looking at Kevin. Giggling, you turned back towards to stage and stared at the handsome bass, Mr Avriel Kaplan. His eyes were wandering the crowd, it appeared he was looking for someone but you just brushed it off and started clapping like the rest of the crowd.

"Wow, so many people here tonight..." Mitch said from the centre-right hand side of the stage, "and you're all gorgeous!"
"Yes, they're all beautiful" Avi's low voice vibrated through the speakers, causing some of the girls, including you to scream out and cheer.
"Shall we get started?" Scott asked causing some of the screaming to die down, only allowing for more cheering.
"I'll take that as a yes..." Kevin said laughing a little.

To be continued...

Hope you're liking it so far, part two coming soon. Til then, Cya 😘 x

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