A View of the Meaning of Betrayl A Short Story

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*Warning strong content this is not intended to offend, but simply to inform you of the truth. There are to many things unspoken in this world so I might as well say it.*
Being betrayed can come in many forms. Becoming betrayed is a very sad process. Like something like this as an example of a short story.
There once was a young girl who was the queen of her small school. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone. They all would talk to her hang out with her. She would look in the mirror when she got home and just look at the mirror. She never know what they liked about her or why they did. She was slightly vain, but not extremely. One day her mother decided to move her away from this school. The end of the year the class cried to see the class leave up to the next level because each class had three grades in it. They all said they would miss her very much and always be her friend. She wasn't nervous when she moved because everyone liked her before so why wouldn't they like her know? The first day was horrible. No one would even talk to her. She sat at a bench under a tree at the edge of the school by a basketball court everyday and watch the other kids play; hoping to find someone who would want to play. After weeks of this happening a girl, who she met when the girl was trying to steal her duck, asked if she wanted to play. They became great friends. They would talk and goof off. One day while sitting on that same bench the girl said to her "Promise me that you'll never make new friends that replace me." She quickly said of course, she had no other friends but her. The next year the girl started to change. She grew taller and became more talkative. She grew her hair out and had her braces removed so she was very pretty. Everyone loved her after that and left the poor girl once again in the dust. The girl tried to make friends, but she couldn't. She never went outside anymore and hide in the library. The girl who was once her friend joined in on the group of girls that bullied her. Her only other friend was a girl in the library who was also betrayed. The girl seemed so nice. She would talk about how her friend also left her for another. The girl seemed happy again for awhile. The girls always bullied her. Her friend always teased her about her hair and her face sense it broke out sometimes. She looked in the mirror on day and just cried. What had she done wrong? She didn't look any different then awhile ago when she used to look in the mirror. That same girl who left her once approached her one day at the field she had been sitting in on the days she didn't hide in the library. She was crying about a friend who had started being mean to her. The girl should of felt happy she thought sense the girl was getting a taste of her own medicine, but she couldn't being herself to it. They became ok again, but never friends like they used to. She still hung out with the friend who hurt her, and the girl met her in the field each day so she could vent. She learned to understand the ways the bullies did it and how they used them. She used this to finally make them stop, but she was still an outcast.

I will refer to this story sometimes and tell you more of the story later. This girl got a taste of what this world is really like. She never forgot what she learned and still uses it today. That story I swear is 100% true.... because it's mine.... This is what happened to me. That girls name was Nicolette. I'll tell you more, but I'm more comfortable speaking in 3rd person.

That story shows how much betrayal hurts on a smaller scale, I have more stories of betrayal to write soon. I have to write these stories so some one knows, all the stories I will talk about are my life or my families life stories. I've learned a lot from the many times I've heard them and know I pass them down to you.

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