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"so where exactly is this legendary, romantic spot, you speak of?" mingyu said as he leaned on his arm which was propped against the car's window sill, looking at the elder driving with a bright smile on his face.

"oh, you'll see." wonwoo smirked as he accelerated, driving to the destination faster whilst mingyu waited in anticipation, thinking of places where wonwoo liked going so much that it would be worthy of calling 'legendary and romantic'.

as the journey started to draw out, mingyu's mind was still a mess, and no matter how much he tried to think of something else, his thoughts somehow always made their way back to the conversation he had with chaeyeon.

"it doesn't matter, he's planning to re-open the case anyway."

"he will find out either way."

"if you do care about wonwoo and want what's best for him,"

"stay away from him."

"but if you don't stay away from him,"

"i'll tell him myself."

"and it'll break him even more."

fuck, what am i supposed to do? mingyu thought. as much as he wanted to protect wonwoo and stay away, he really wouldn't be able to keep himself away, and staying away would only delay wonwoo from finding out the truth.

mingyu wasn't going to lie, over the past few days, he had grown very attached to the elder, more attached than he expected. and to convince himself to stay away from wonwoo and not think about him, it seems like such an impossible task, a task that past mingyu would be fine completing.

what was he supposed to do? should i tell him myself?

agh! what am i even thinking? what good would that do? that would probably hurt him even more- and i might... lose him.

maybe i should talk to him about, see how he feels and maybe... help him feel less guilty about the whole case, and then tell him the truth when the situation is better.

"we're here!" wonwoo sing-songs, pulling the brake and the two unbuckling their seatbelts. there was an excited smile on the elder's face as he looked at the building through the windscreen window.

mingyu wondered why there was such a bright smile on wonwoo's face, just from looking at the building's sign, but when mingyu himself looked at where they were going to spend part of their date, he immediately knew why wonwoo was so excited.

"an... animal shelter?" mingyu questioned, to which wonwoo nodded in response. "no offense but, how exactly is an animal shelter considered a romantic place to take you date?" he chuckled.

wonwoo joined his side, unconsciously intertwining their hands as they started walking to entrance. "i think it's a cute date location! two people can bond whilst playing with animals! especially cats!" he said excitedly, and just talking about animals, you could see his light up at the thought of playing with all the cats. "after we're done here, there is a nearby mall and café we can visit."

mingyu chuckled at the elder's cute expression, squeezing wonwoo's hand as he stated, "you're cute when you talk about your love for animals."

wonwoo was caught off guard by the sudden flirtatious comment, his cheeks becoming flushed as they walked through the doors of the shelter.

they were welcomed by the young woman who sat behind the counter, letting the pair through to the animals since wonwoo was a regular visitor. as expected, wonwoo lead mingyu straight towards where the felines and their kittens were.

wonwoo let out a high-pitched squeal when his eyes saw the new kittens that were only a few weeks old, hurriedly walking towards the pack as he crouched down to pet the head of one of them.

mingyu watched from afar, watching the elder handle the kittens whilst cooing sweet words and commenting on how cute they were. he admired at how much wonwoo cared for these animals, particularly the cats, and found out from the owner that the elder regularly visited to check up on the stray animals.

and knowing that trait of wonwoo, made mingyu like him even more.

wonwoo looked at mingyu with a smile on his face, titling his head to gesture for mingyu to play with them too.

without hesitation, mingyu sat down next to wonwoo, who was teasing another kitten with a piece of string, and picked up one of the kittens that was lying on it's back with it's paws stretching up, wanting to be picked up. mingyu scratched it's belly a little before picking the feline up and holding it in his arms like a baby.

wonwoo smiled at the sight in front of him, his attention away from the kitty now with the string to mingyu caressing a kitten's tummy. mingyu looked up to catch wonwoo staring, only smiling at the elder before returning his attention back to the meowing kitten in his arms.

"i actually really want to adopt a cat someday." said wonwoo, stroking the back of the sleeping cat in the corner.

mingyu placed the kitten down next to it's mother, standing up to walk to where wonwoo was. "why don't you? i mean you have the money for it, you could practically adopt all the cats you want."

"my sister is allergic to cats, so i've never been able to have on as a pet." wonwoo said with a frown, standing up from his crouching position, his and mingyu's eyes meeting. "i want to get my own place once i'm in university or when i have a job, so i can have as many cats as i want without killing my sister in the process." he laughed as he finished his sentence.

"do you want to visit the dogs now?" mingyu asked as they left the room where all the cats were kept, following wonwoo down the hallway.

"uhm.. sure." wonwoo said as he started to lead mingyu again to where the dogs and puppies were staying.

mingyu noticed that as they neared the dog room, and as small, occasional barks became louder, the look on wonwoo's face beside him started to become more anxious. when he opened the door, the dogs coming into view, he looked back to wonwoo, who now looked completely terrified. he asked, "are you okay, baby? you look terrified." he closed the door again.

"i'm...okay." wonwoo reassured him, but mingyu could easily tell that was a lie. "okay, i'm not alright. i'm a little... afraid of dogs."

mingyu was slightly shocked, looking at wonwoo with complete worry. "you're scared of dogs?" wonwoo nodded. "if you're scared of dogs, then why are you willing to come in with me? if you had told me you were scared of them, we could've just stayed with the cats-"

"no!" wonwoo suddenly interrupted, confusion written over mingyu's face as he tilted his head like a puppy. "i mean- i want you to enjoy this date too. i know how much you like dogs and- well-" wonwoo shyly said, embarrassed to finish his confession. "i want you to be happy, and i want to spend every second of today with you." wonwoo said with a small voice, looking down at his feet. "i want today to be special."

he's an angel. he's perfect.

"oh my god, can you get anymore cuter." mingyu chuckled to himself as he took wonwoo's hands in his. at this point, wonwoo was a blushing mess, cheeks burning from the embarrassing situation. mingyu bent down slightly to meet wonwoo's eyes. "you don't have to do anything you're uncomfortable with so i would enjoy this date, wonwoo. or do anything you don't want to do just so i would be happy."

fuck, chaeyeon. she can tell wonwoo truth.

if he does plan to leave me after finding out, at least i finally found happiness. love.

even if it was only for a short amount of time.

mingyu slowly leaned in closer to connect his lips with wonwoo's, their emotions melting into the intimate kiss in the middle of the hallway.

and when they broke apart, panting, mingyu whispered against his lips,

"because no matter where, no matter the time: i'll always be happy when i'm with you."

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