*Slash* ..::The Brothers::.. [05]

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'I'm going back to the sitting room,' I announced. It was time to put my foot down. No really. Two hours was my absolute limit.

 'What?!' Alana yelped, sitting up straight. 'But we have so much to talk about!'


'You and Caleb!' she half-shrieked in a "duh" voice.

I couldn't help but let out an incredulous laugh. 'We've been talking about nothing else for the past couple hours!'

'But... But!'

'Uh huh,' I said, opening the door and stepping into the hallway. Alana launched herself off the bed and gripped onto my wrist, digging in her heels as I tugged away from her, inadvertently dragging her up the hallways as I went. Who knew I was stronger than she was? I sure didn't.

'Nooooo!' Alana groaned, her grip on my wrist tightening as she held on with both hands. I was leaning forwards with the effort of dragging her; and it was surprising on some level that there wasn't smoke billowing out from under her heels, she was digging in so hard.

I stopped outside the sitting room, where all the guys were staring at the door in mild fascination to see what the commotion was. I pointed at Rain with my free hand.

'Take this,' I said, pointing it towards Alana.

Rain grinned and stood up, walking over to us and catching a wide-eyed Alana around the waist, then dragging her literally kicking and screaming back into the sitting room. She was blushing bright pink and I knew I was gonna get it in the morning, but for now, knowing I wasn't safe in the sitting room, I darted quickly up the stairs to the sanctuary of Caleb's room.

The hallway was dark with all the lights off so I could see clearly the eerie white glow coming from under the door of his room. It was a thin band of light moving around liberally... A very small alien? A fairy?

I shook my head. And I'm supposed to be smart. It was his phone, obviously. I pressed my ear to the door to try and hear who he could be talking to but I didn't hear any voices; not even the tinny, far-away sound of a person on the other end of the line. I could hear the sounds of my brother moving around though, the shuffling of his duvet and the springs of his bed creaking. Was he jerking off? Surely not. He knew I had to share that bed.

I heard some faint rustling that sounded like paper, and I got a horrible feeling of foreboding in the pit of my stomach. Caleb avoids reading like most people avoid convicted felons.

After a few seconds of internal debate I decided that whatever it was, it couldn't be as embarrassing as going back downstairs and being throttled by a girl, so I opened the door...

... And crashed against it as Caleb pushed it closed and then shoved me up backwards onto it. The room was dark with only the light of the moon coming in through the window (we don't have curtains) and the fluorescent glow of the screen of his phone, which was lying abandoned on the bed. So when I glanced up at my brother, all I could see were the planes of his face thrown into high relief, and his dark eyes. I couldn't make out his expression at all.

'Um,' I started, but he interrupted me.

'So I found this really interesting drawing,' he growled at me, and immediately my mind went into overdrive.

Where did I put the drawing Alana had given me?

In my schoolbag.

Was it still there?

No. Caleb had been about to look at it, but I put it in my pocket.

Which pocket?

Sweatpants pocket.

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