Chapter 1 - Fourth General

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Everything was muffled. The ringing was inevitable as it travelled up to Ink's skull. He groaned and felt pain ached through his bones and voice hoarse and dry as if he had been screaming.

When he opened his eye sockets, it wasn't what he expected. He expected something else but the white room left him immobilized. There was a shape of a door but it was also colored white like the floor, the walls, the ceiling, everything... everything's white.

He can't breath. He can't move. He can't talk.

Before his thoughts could entertain him more, the door opened where the other side was a spruce wooden door. Female monsters wearing maid attires walked in and grabbed him. They replaced his shirt with a white one and placed back his sash. He didn't feel the scarf he was so used to hugging his neck. The jacket was untied around his waist and he could see the maid eyeing it rather curiously. He was still unresponsive as he was passed on to one of the guards, a dog. He didn't bother to look anywhere as everything was numb.

He heard whips cracking to someone's back and hearing no cries but it was definitely someone. He finally saw a monster dressed in ragged clothes with black faded collars on their neck being whipped for being too slow in the two-lined formation, holding cleaning materials. He felt something attached to his neck and he was pulled away from there.

He realized that it was a leash connected possibly to a collar around his neck. Are they... in another universe in their Multiverse? If it is, then he hadn't seen this one before. Was he a prisoner? But those maids were so sure he would be immobilized in that room. If he was a mere prisoner, then they could have just locked him in a jail cell. Everything was strange to him. The walls were made of stone so as the ground. They were going down a spiral of stairs and he briefly wondered how they made it.

The moment he could feel his senses again was when he was brought inside a palace. He knew it was one when he stole a glance and one of the guards roughly made him duck his skull.

They were standing infront of a large double doors. Ink felt it... a familiar aura. No, two familiar auras. The other was too faint. Another was the one he was used to when fighting. He couldn't forget that because he was sure the person on the other side of those doors would be the King of Negativity himself.

"Your Highness, the Fourth General's personal slave is here, the General himself would follow shortly." The guard said after knocking.

Fourth General... who is that?

Ink wondered but he didn't dare look up from admiring the carpet. The red carpet with gold trim lines were made to the halls leading to the throne room. Everything looks expensive. It's Nightmare of course, he loves living like a King.

Then it hit him.

He called me... The Fourth General's Personal Slave.

Personal Slave.


He didn't know what he should do. He didn't know if he should bite any of the men or insult them because it was irritating him.

He's a fucking slave here. He was practically the lowest shit this kingdom has. This is unfair.

What kind of world is this?!

Sets of footsteps can be heard through the hallways and no sooner, another person was standing beside him. The leather boots and red cape seemed too familiar with nobles. Although he noticed something strange with this person beside him.

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