Chapter Seven- He Gets To Me

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    I wake to Ashley sleeping next to me. I don't know what time it is, but its late. I slip out of his arms and out of the room. I head to the kitchenette to get a glass of water and about half way out of the hallway, I see Andy. His eyes are bloodshot and puffy. He sits on the couch staring at the ground. He seems to be lost in thought.

    I decide to step out, which is a mistake. He looks at me, new tears forming in his eyes. I walk to the kitchen and take out a glass and put it on the counter. I turn to go get ice and I notice Andy still looking at me. Despite how he did me wrong, I still hate seeing him hurt.

    I forget about the water and walk to the couch. I sit next to him and cradle his head to my chest as he weeps. A few tears make their way down my cheeks as I kiss the top of his head. He lifts his head and moves into me. I smell the whiskey on his breathand I back away, "You're drunk, Andy. You need sleep."

"No. I need y-"

"Shh," I cut him off, "Let me help you to your bunk."

    He hesitates for a moment, but then he takes my hand. I sling his arm over my neck and walk him to the back room. I lay him on his bed and cover him up. I kiss his forehead and walk away, except his hand around my wrist stops me, "Stay with me." I yank my hand away, "You belong to Juliet." I make sure to make it sound harsh. I watch his eyes, those electric blue eyes, lose color and fade into gray. I walk back into the living room and I lay down on the couch. I flip through the channels since how I will not be able to get any more sleep tonight.

    The first thing that makes me jump is a loud bang outside. I turn off the lights and TV. I feel for my blade and hide beside the door. The door is fired open and I make out a figure. A man, the size of Mike Tyson walks in. I see the out like of a gun and I cover my mouth. He walks to the back room and opens the door.

    Immediately, I get up silently and sneak up on the man. I take my blade and cut the hand holding his gun. He screams and falls to the ground, which wakes up all of the boys. They rush to help me, but the man slams the door shut and kicks me in the ribs. I gasp for air as he shoots me in the leg. I'm silent. Acting dead as he moves back to the door. I get up, my leg barely working. I jump on the man's back and wrestle the gun out of his hands, "Call the cops, now. And turn on the god damn lights."

    The lights come on and I notice the face I am pointing a gun at. It's my father. He got out of jail. I takes everything I have not to shoot him in the face right now. I can't risk him getting the gun again. He has a criminal record with a gun. Lives were lost. My eyes fill with tears as I remember how he left us because of a choice he made, "You are one sick man from hell. You left me to die!!!" And with that, I twirled the gun so I can handle the gun by its barrel. I slam it into his jaw three times before he passes out. And in the process, I spit in his face.

    Andy seems to be sober now as he tries to pick me up and set me against the couch. Ashley stops him from touching me and helps me up. I see the flash of anger in Andy's eyes, which soon fades back into sorrow.

    "Do you know that guy?" I hear Jake ask me. I just nod. "Well, you still have yet to tell us why the hell you aren't at your home and who the he'll you are." I hear Andy chime in. He has venom in his voice. I let my emotions get the best of me and I reach into the bullet hole. Ashley tries to grab my hand but I shove his hand away harshly. I pull out a bloody bullet and throw it at Andy, "Go eat a bullet, dumbass." He catches the bullet in his hands and sets it on the floor.

  "It would be nice to hear that though Val." CC says. I take a deep breath and begin.

    "When I was born, my mother took care of me. I grew older and my father got really protective over me and he killed a lot of people. My mother couldn't deal with it anymore so she told him she was going to leave him. He was perfectly fine with that. She went out a few years ago on a date. She got drunk and was trying to drive her one night stand to his house so she could, well you know. The problem was she couldn't wait so she parked on a train track. They didn't see it coming. It killed both of them. I was left with my dad and he took the best care of me until the cops caught on to what he was doing. They arrested him. I was adopted out to my foster parents. They abuse me and starve me. I get bullied at school. They hit me and kick me and break me in more than one way. I started cutting and I dealt with it one year more until I had enough of being abused at home and school. I ran away and we all know the rest so far."

    All of them look at me with pain worn on their sleeves. I ask for a first aid kit and I take the needle and thread out. I sew my leg hole up and tie it off. I rub antibiotics on it and wrap it up. I take a couple pain killers and fall asleep on the couch. The last thing I see is Andy kissing my head and moving hair out of my face.

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