The one who will rise

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        After the whole thing at the field he went back home and went to sleep now he starts a new day and to show the world his new power


No One Pov:

As the sun starts the rise we pan to a normal house and we see are own y/n sleeping 



Y/n: Man stuipd alarm clock Always ruining my good nap now what was i going t- oh right my revange on all those who bullied me now its time to show them who boss *gets up*

Y/n gets out of bed and takes a shower then after that he comes out and starts picking clothes then he finds the perfect one (The ones in the bio) he puts them on then looks himself in the mirror

Y/n: *Fixes hair* Looking good Now for the last piece *holds out hand* 

A bright red glow a appears in his hand as a progrise key appears 

Y/n: Alright Now to hook it on the chain *Puts Progise key on chain hanging on wrist * Now to go to school *sigh* I hope i don't see THEM

After that Y/n Heads down stairs and puts on his shoes and walks outside and starts walking to school 

Before we continue let me tell you a bit about the town and school so first the town people love kamen riders a lot so much that you see kamen rider merch everywhere there even people who tried to create a driver but failed they always have parades and festivals dedicated to them even the people who play them are famous at my school

Now lets talk about my school its huge because of the people going there plus every kamen rider daughters go there and there worshiped and then the sons go there to but lets not talk about them but there are levels to school 1-10 So its like a social ranking ladder 

1: Poor people( people who live bland)

2: Normal People (who live a well going life)

3:Intelligent people ( who are smarter then everyone else)

4: Middle class people ( who have money than others)

5: Wealthy People ( who have so much money that they don't know what to do with it)

6: Heroes Decedents 

7: Mages

8: Holy knights

9: Bionic Humans

10: Kamen rider

And Thats all about to it now thats enough but lets get back to our favorite 

now we see Y/n Walking to school getting looks from random people

Random Guy: Hey doesn't he looks like jin from zero one 

Random Girl: Yeah know that you mention it yeah he does 

Y/n mind: Hmf you thinks its cosplay but soon will realize the truth

*Y/n ignores the talks and arrives at school front gate*

Y/n: *Breaths in and out* Ah a fresh new day i can't Wait for today *Starts walking in* 

As Y/n starts walking he start getting stares from people passing by him 

Random guy 1: Hey isn't that Y/n

Random girl  1: Yeah but why is he wearing those clothes

Random guy 2: Yeah but i heard he got dumped again by Mia

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