The Grim Reapers Daughter. Prologue

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"Please just leave! I don't want to die!" The fat man yelled. My father just smiles and then its over. The mans blood is all over the ground, and i think a little got off my face. I hate coming to work with him, it always gets me messy. Im kira, im 5 years old, i go to school, im part of a local soccer team, and im the grim reapers daughter. We take the mans spirit down a dark hole, and i see flames all around. No this isn't hell. Its just a spot for him till a angel comes to get him. Or a demon. Depends i guess.

 One day ill take over my dads job. Ill take souls, and ill be better then any other grim reaper out there. I WILL be the best, just like my daddy.. ill make him proud..

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