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Hey wolves its me and i just want to tell u guys what happen at church today...well after church. My church has a X-mas play every year that is by my (great)aunt or grandma. This year my grandma(if. I spell anything wrong its because jumping on my bed)im never in the play as long i could remember. Well my dad is in the play (drama in spaish) by force so we have to stay. My dad was having fun the robe was to long and he pick it up like it was a dress and in a high voice saying "excuss me" this kid who was in the play was laughing so was i my dad and all the people who were up on the stage went to the other side of the temple(or the other side of the room) and the kid he said "we need high heels to match are robes" or something like that. OkayKay now on to my little sis sis. My cousin is in the play and he was wearing a robe a this hat thing and my little sis sis call him "Tonya" and his name is "Tony" no it Anitono (i think i spell that wrong) thats it...bye

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