chapter 4: Neko

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A young girl with kitty ears and a tail kneels in front of you. She has long blonde hair and big, bright hazel eyes. (She is wearing this outfit.)

"W-what just happened?" You asked staring in surprise

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"W-what just happened?" You asked staring in surprise. 
"(Y/N) don't you recognize me?!" The blonde cat-like girl pouts.
"S-sorry? I don't remember ever meeting you."
"I'm a cat monster or as most humans refer to me as a neko, yet before the war ended I absorbed a human soul. The soul of kindness and gained the power to shapeshift into a kitten."
"You are Kendra." Toriel said.
"Eh?!" You yell and Frisk looks shocked as well.
"(Y/N), I'm a cat monster, I am from an old line of boss monsters, the last of my race I believe. Tori here has been my friend since we were children. I was on the surface when the war was going on and absorbed the soul then. After the barrier, what keeps monsters sealed down here, was put up I found that I could go outside it. I left a note to King Asgore, her husband. Since you're here alone I'm guessing Asgore did something majorly stupid and you two aren't together anymore. As well I left a note to my friend Wingdings explaining everything. Then I left looking for answers but got stuck as that kitten….." she looks away and plays with the pink bow on her tail nervously. 
"Oh, okay." You reply. "Can I get changed? My clothes are all dirty."
Everyone nods and you get changed. (Into this outfit.)

You love this outfit because it has beautiful gradients on it

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You love this outfit because it has beautiful gradients on it. You also look like the mage that you are in it too. 
"My child, you look lovely in that outfit." Toriel says. 
"Thanks Toriel. Let's get going shall we." Toriel leads you guys through the next puzzle since it's very dangerous.
"You two have done excellently this far. But I have something difficult to ask of you. You must walk to the end of this room alone. " Toriel says before grabbing Kendra's hand and runs to the end of the straight room, hiding behind the pillar there. The two of you giggle and walk to the end of the room. Toriel was fun. The two of them pop out from behind the pillar. 
"Do not worry my children! We did not leave you. We were merely behind this pillar the whole time." Kendra giggles at her friends antics."however I needed to see if you two would be able to survive without my help. I need to do so errands in the ruins so I must leave you two alone. Please stay here. I have  idea! Here take this cell phone. We can keep in contact this way."
"(Y/N) don't you still have yours from the surface?" Kendra asks as you take the other one.
"Yeah?" You ask confused. 
"May I have it for a moment?" You hand her the phone and she tinkers with it for a moment. "There it should work on the underground's network now. I also put Toriel's number in it for you. Should we go now Tori?" Toriel nods and they leave you two. You two wait a moment before Frisk stares at the door. 
"You want to go explore, don't you?" She nods and you sigh. "Let's go then." She jumps up and down and hugs you. She's so energetic for a 12 year old. You're 18 so not a child any more. You love your little sister. Your mother was a mage and your father wasn't. They didn't care about their differences. They both loved you unconditionally. Then six years ago hunters found you guys. Your parents died protecting you and you've been on the run ever since. As you two race out of the room the cell that Toriel gave you rings and you answer it.
"Hello, this is Toriel. You have not left the room, have you?" You give Frisk a dirty look and put it on speaker phone. 
"Hi Toriel. Yeah we're still in the room. Frisk has a lot of energy though." You say.
"Well that is good. There are a few puzzles ahead that I have not explained yet. It would dangerous for you to try to solve them yourself." 
"Oh, we're okay." You say.
"Well be good you too."
"Bye Toriel." You go to hang up and just as you are about to hit the end button you hear someone yell.
"MOM!" you look to where Frisk was and in her place was a child in a dark green and yellow shirt. This child had chocolate brown hair and glowing red eyes. You step back and blink but when you do Frisk is there. You make sure that you actually hung up then looked back at your sister. 
"Let's go, this place is freaking me out."
You two go through multiple rooms and solve a lot of puzzles. You come to a room that has a giant tree in it and at the end of the room you see the only intact building in the ruins.
"Oh dear, that took longer than we thought it would."
"It is fine Tori, the kids are safe." Kendra says as they both walk towards the tree.
"I am NOT a kid!" You yell towards the two monsters as Toriel runs towards you.
"How did you get here my children?" Toriel checks both you and Frisk out for injuries. "There, there. I shall heal you. We should not have left you both alone for so long." Toriel lets out a motherly like sigh in worry.
"Tori, they're fine, besides (Y/N) knows how to defend them both. Lets all head inside." Kendra's tail sways back and forth in contentment while leading the way into the quaint home; as you all walk in and you smell something delicious and hum in satisfaction. "What smells so gooooood?" You ask as Frisk gives you a "really?" look.
"Surprise! That is a Butterscotch-Cinnamon Pie!"
"It's her secret recipe." Kendra adds cheerfully as you drool a tiny bit and Frisk pulls on your sleeve wanting to explore the house.
"Toriel, may we go and look around?"
"Of course you may, just allow me to show you to your rooms first." You follow Toriel down the hall as she motions to the first and the last rooms. "Little one you may take the first room here, and (Y/N) you may take the last one, though it may be a little stuffy since I rarely go in there."
"Thank-you." You both explore around the small house before you both head into your rooms, falling sleep after the long journey so far. You wake up to find Kendra back into her kitty form and Frisk cuddled up to you. It took a minute to remember what had happened and It had finally set in that your precious little kitty was a "boss monster". What did that even mean? She wasn't any taller than you. Was she really that powerful? You didn't want to ask in case she got mad. Frisk pulls at your shirt, finally awake 
"Hey sis, wanna go find Toriel?"
She nods in response and you get up to find her in a big arm chair reading.
"Toriel." You say as she looks up from her book and smiles. 
"You two are up already."
"Can we talk?"
"Of course my child."
"Look, we really do appreciate your kindness, but we do have to get going. We'll never forget all of the kindness you have shown us. Yet as you see my SOUL is one of Justice and that is what I seek. I understand that things are dangerous but I won't let us get hurt. I also have to bring those who broke our happy life to justice. I know every race and species can live in peace  we just have to show that." You look at Toriel with clear, determined eyes as you hope she'll realize that you have to go. You look up to see Toriel's face and she's crying. "Why are you crying??" You ask her in panicked tone hoping you didn't say something to upset her.
"You are much stronger than I thought. I figured that if you were to leave you would get hurt, but now I see you are much stronger than any human to fall before you. Frisk my child, do you agree with your sister? Do you need to go too?" Frisk opens her eyes and looks fully at Toriel with those adorable cyan eyes before she grabs your hand and nods. "Very well, but be warned, not everyone is as nice as I am. Beware of the first part of the Underground here, it is incredibly cold." 
"Thanks for the warnings, we'll be extra careful. Will we ever see you again after this?" You pull a pair of heavy pants out of your magic bag for Frisk as you pull a winter outfit for yourself out as well.
"I do not know, I would very much like to say yes." You write the number to your phone on a piece of paper and hand it to her.
"If we want to come back to visit I'll give you a call. We should go change now." 

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