Chapter 1: Clove

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I wake up in an all white room with a silver metal bed and a small sliding door in the corner. I look at my self and see I am not Peeta like I thought I might be, but I'm me, Clove. I have a large lump on my forehead but other wise I look normal.

"Where am I?" I yell, slightly nervous. I hear a loud scream and try to locate it. "You okay?" I yell back no response. I take a look at my surroundings and they look very familiar. I'm in a Capital prison, where, I have no clue.

"Fix her" I hear a sadistic voice yells "She's broken and weak". No one comes for me and I sit in my cell for hours.

"Help! Anyone? Help me!" I hear a familiar yet unwanted voice scream. Johanna, I think of her bitterly and sit back on the cold metal bed. This is the first time I notice I'm not wearing the tribute suit from the arena, I'm in just a simple white paper gown like at the district doctors. I almost feel naked and I see they left my tank-top on.

'Wait who got me undressed?' I ask myself angrily. I lay on my bed until a guard dressed in all black comes to my cell door.

"Clove Sevina" he says pretty bitterly "This way" he says gesturing out the door, the second I step out of my door he electro-cuffs me and walks me through some halls and corridors. I pass empty cells and one filled cell, Johanna's. She looks at me bitterly as I pass and the guard bangs on her door to make her stop. She looks away and we walk faster.

"Ms. Sevina" I hear a bitter voice call me. I am led into a moderately dark room where President Snow sits at a black marble desk guarded by 2 peace-keepers. He smirks evilly and has me sit down across from him. He's wearing a dark gray suit and a white rose in his breast pocket.

'?Why am I here?" I ask, getting mad. He chuckles evilly at me "Where's Cato?" I ask even madder.

"You will learn soon enough" Snow says manically. "You are to work with Cashmere, learning her craft" he says bitterly. I am then thrown back into my cell without further explanation. I start to cry, not as much for me, but more for Cashmere. She still has to do her 'job' even though she's been through two Games and pretty much won both.

I look into the small sliding door and see it's a small bathroom. There's a small shower and a silver toilet. In the corner there's a small metal sink. I lay on my hard metal bed and start to fall asleep but can't fully sleep because of stress. I sit up in my bed and try to calm myself down. I hear some familiar sobs in a close cell and realize who it is.

"Cashmere?" I ask concerned and sad. Over the clouded glass where a section of glass that I perfectly clear. She pops her head in the clear area and I smile at her. She smiles back and we try to hug through the glass, which doesn't work well.

"They hate me" she says crying. I try to comfort her but can't do it through the thick glass "They'll kill my family, make me do horrible things and throw me in the Games again" she says angrily yet still crying "And do they want me to do now? More horrible things! This time I have to show my "patrons" to my best friend" she says and falls to the ground, unconscious.

"Someone help!" I yell banging on my cell door. No one comes even though I try for a half and hour. They don't care about us.

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