Kaigaku ;☁️

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Human! Kaigaku x fem!reader fluff (slightly nsfw)

Requested by @BittersweetTea315 💖

Sorry if this chapter came out more of a smut than a fluff!!

Warning: slight smut!!!

Look at that bare chest *chef's kiss* mhm I love me some of that 👀

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Look at that bare chest *chef's kiss* mhm I love me some of that 👀





You hummed to yourself, listening to the pleasant sound of the birds singing. That noon, you were picking some peaches in a small grove near the Kuwajima residence. You were fully focused on picking the ripe ones, holding them and slightly pressing on them to see if they were perfectly ripen or not.

They were for your boyfriend, Kaigaku. He loves them. And he loves when you give him good ones. Honestly, you sometimes wonder if he loves peaches more than he loves you.

Haha. well.. being the short-tempered and prideful boy he is, he never likes to get all soft with you. Sure, he is less harsh on you than other people. He has a soft spot for you and cares for you, but he still only ever shows you actual  in certain times. One example of this that always works, is when you give him peaches.

"Oi." You hear a familiar voice call out to you. It's Kaigaku. He was taking a break from Master Jigoro's training with his other student, Zenitsu Agatsuma.

His skin was glistening with sweat under the sunlight, and he was still in his training outfit. And of course, this look is topped off with that usual scowl was on his face, almost as if he's taunting you.

"What are you doing?" He said, wiping the dripping sweat off his jaw with his wrist.

Your eyes lit up, smiling as you revealed to him the peaches you picked. All ripe and pink. He widened his eyes at them, realizing that you've been picking them for you. "I've picked some of these for you, since I know you would be tired, training all the time!" You walked up to him and handed him a cleaned one, to which he snatched it from your hand. "I'm not tired." He rolls his eyes before eyeing the fruit in his hand.

You watched happily as he took a bite out of the juicy flesh, obviously enjoying it. You notice a flush of pink on his cheeks, not sure if it's from the work out or something else. His eyes were avoiding eye contact when he mumbled, "Thanks."

Your heart melted and you responded with a hearty smile "Your welcome!" You said, causing him to look at your beaming expression is with admiration. Kaigaku pulled you closer to him by his arm on your waist. He smirked at you, seeing your flustered expressions always amused him. He then kissed your cheek, smiling warmly at you- which is a rare sight. His sudden act causing you to turn red. Your heart thumping so loudly you bet to yourself that he could hear it.

Yeah, that's how rarely he shows intimacy towards you.

"I'll see you after training, kay? Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone." He harshly messed up your hair, chuckling to himself and taking bites of the peach while walking away.

Wow.. it's like he changes into a different person whenever you gave him one. You touch the lingering feeling on your cheek as you watch him return to the training field.

That's when an idea popped into your mind.

Well, if he loves peaches that much...


Kaigaku was already back at home. Yes, you have moved in. You've been living together for a few months. And honestly, you haven't gotten used to it. Kaigaku was such a unique person. He isn't one to get in other people's business, and never bothers to talk to you unless it's something important. And you two weren't able to go on dates much due to his constant training, pushing himself to be 'the best thunder breathing swordsman'. That's what he acts like, after all. He dismisses people whenever he likes and looks down on people who seemed unworthy of him. The weak ones, in plenty of cases.

He was sipping some tea, sitting on the floor after finishing a meal. But you? You were busy.

You've actually gotten a peach outfit.

Sure, it looked a bit silly. But you figured you could finally fully grab his attention and affection. Plus, you might be able to get him to joke around a bit.

Getting home, you slid the door open loudly, allerting Kaigaku to your direction. You stood there, in your peach outfit, waiting for his response. His eyes observed you up and down, "What the fuck are you wearing?" He mocked. He was definitely making fun of you now. In the midst of your silent frantic, you swore you saw him lick his lips.

You blushed "I-" before you could say anything he cut you off with a laugh. "Hahah! You look stupid." He chuckled, his expression softening up as he smiled warmly at your dorkiness. He paused, "Come here."

Flicking two of his fingers at you (the "come here" hand gesture), he leaned back, observing you even more as his eyes narrowed and his smile widened. His expression was saying that he's definitely ridiculing you. You didn't think that you'd actually feel embarrassed like this. But you went along with it anyways, "Do you like it?" You joked.

He raised a brow, "Hah! Do I like it?" He laughed again.

Before you realize it, he grabbed your wrist and yanked you down to him. He kissed you passionately, and for the first time in your life, you felt like you were about to melt. Your heart beat like crazy as you were starting to lose yourself in the kiss. Not once did you
expect him to react like this.

kaigaku furrowed his eyebrows, deepening the kiss. "Was this .. just to get my attention?" He huffed out in between the kiss.

You both pulled away. "W-well.. it worked. Didn't it?" You let out a short laugh, still breathing heavily. He scoffed at you before crashing his lips into yours again. This time, he slipped his tongue into your mouth, exploring your cavern as both of your tongue danced and fought for dominance.

His hands tugged on the outfit, struggling at trying to get it off you. "You look like an idiot." He said, and was starting to get frustrated with the outfit, before you finally helped him take it off.

What he didn't know was, you weren't wearing anything under, only your undergarments. He was taken aback, seeing a large portion of your skin exposed and revealed before him.

"Are you doing this to me on purpose?" He spat as he looked away, blushing. You could only tilt your head to the side, acting clueless. "I don't understand. I thought you wanted it off."

His eyes met yours, and they traveled down to your body.

You smiled, reaching out to him and began to help him undress. You could practically hear him growl as you teased him, being painfully slow, and touching him ever so slightly.

You knew the consequences of annoying him.

And you were ready for it.

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