Chapter 1 - Falling

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As you get into bed, teeth brushed and hair washed you scroll to find an AU book in which the reader is transported into the MCU. Being the huge marvel fan you quickly click on it and start to read until your head turns to face the clock on your desk.

1:00 AM

Groaning you put your phone on charge. You did have work tomorrow- well today... closing your eyes and drifting it felt like a minute passed until a weird buzzing noise filled your ears. Turning towards your door you see blue mist lit up by the moonlight pouring through your window. "What in the name of-" the buzzing got louder. Taking your phone you turn on the flash to get a better look. It looked to be some sort of gas. "Now this would be a good time to call 911 but am I going to do that?..." you look down at your phone and dial 911. Reaching out your hand grazes the outer layer of the mist. Nothing seemed to happen until some type of force pushed you towards it. Stumbling forward you go head first into the mist.

Moments passed in darkness until a setting sun blinded your eyes. Wind seemed to engulf you, your h/l hair flowing upwards. It didn't seem to hit you that something was wrong. Until you saw the patio of some sort of building come into view. "Fuck fuck fuck-" grabbing hold of your phone and bringing it to your chest you brace for impact.


"Where did she come from?" Tony asked Cap as he looked down at the girl sprawled about on the tower patio.

"Beats me... bring her to the tower clinic," Cap reaches down to turn the girls head. Blood covered her left temple. His eyes widened and he took the girl in his arms down to the tower hospital wing.


Yes I know this is short but I will put out longer chapters! ❤️❤️❤️

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