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i may or may not have just had a mental breakdown in the shower

this is what I thought about

Dear People At My School,

You know, I'm tired of not being truthful. I keep secrets from you. We all have secrets, some people just choose to tell theirs. I don't tell mine. I don't tell that I'm bisexual. I don't tell that I'm extremely depressed. I don't tell them how many sleepless nights I have thinking about escape from this world.

This is a warning. This is a sign.

One day I'm going to break. I'm going to snap under all the pressure of pretending. You will all see what has truly been happening behind the closed doors of my fake smile, my forced laugh and my lies, telling you that I'm fine.

So I'm not fine. I can say that I'm fine. I can also say that my wrists are clean. I can lie all I want. But you wouldn't care if I told you. You ask for me to tell you, why? Why ask for something you really don't want to hear?

Please stop. Let me lonely, let me be depressed.

It's been this way for ages, how come you only notice now?

All I'm saying is that you really don't know my story, and you can't fix it.

Fuck ︎You All,

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