12 ~ London Calling

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Title Credit: The Clash


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“Hey Brandon.”

Hey! What’s up?”

“Nothing, I’m just going to the airport.”


“Flying to london to see my boyfriend.”

Oh, your boyfriend. Uhm, what’s his name?”

“Alex Gaskarth. He sings in All Time Low.”

They’re pop punk, right?”

“Yeah. Very.”

That’s cool. How long are you gonna be there?”

“Planning on three days.”

Cool, cool…

“You sound like you’re planning something.”

I just want to see if we can get a tour together.

“Oh… Brandon actually, we’re not ready for a tour. They told you we were signed, right?”


“We’re not. Truthfully we’ve been a band for a month or two.”

Wait, really?”

“Yeah, we don’t even have an ep out yet.”

Well get working on it. I want to get this shit rolling, I know some people at Rise who would really want to hear it.


Please don’t sit next to me’ I think to myself as a crying baby enters the plane. ‘you either’ the angry 70-year-old. ‘oh god’ the plump soccer mom with a four year old talking with everyone around. ‘hey, hey you! Please! Please sit next to me!’ I internally begged as I saw a 20-something girl with tattoos.

She stopped besides me seat as she checked her ticket and I crossed my fingers. Then she sat in the seat… in front of me. The hope for someone good continues.

A thirteen year old sits next to me, insanely scared. I sigh. “Ever flew before?”

Her head snaps in my direction. “No. And  I’m doing it alone.”

“It’ll be okay, these things are made to get us there safely. The hard part is waiting.”

“H-How long is it again?”

“Nine hours.”

She groans and lets the back of her head hit the seat. I sit back. “It’ll be okay. Just sleep for the most of it and it should be fine.”

“I have insomnia.”

“Then it’ll be a long flight.”


“Where is he?” I muttered, coming to a stop inside the gate. Alex isn’t answering his phone.

“Hey, d-do you want to come with me to find my friend?” Aly asks. That’s what her name is. She came to visit a friend she met online. “That’s if your boyfriend hasn’t gotten here yet, or uhm…”

“I’ll come with you.”

She smiled and motioned for me to follow her. We stopped and got muffins, which I payed for, and walked around for awhile, giggling at the accents and searching for signs. of baggage claim. After we got our bags, which took 20 minutes and Aly almost fell asleep on my shoulder, we headed in the direction of the doors, where we came upon a fountain.

“Bri!” She squealed, running 20 feet into another girl around her age’s arms. It brought a smile to my face.

“Bonjour ma amour.” a deep voice said from directly behind me. Turning, I set down my guitar case and bag to tackle Alex in a hug.

“Why didn’t you answer your phone?”

“It died.” He smiled wide, leaning down and kissing me.

“AWW!” Aly and Bri gushed over us. We pulled away and smiled at them and their faces turned to shock.

“A-Alex G-G-Gaskar-th.” Aly manages to get out.

“We should get going to the hotel.” Alex whispers into my ear.

“Take a picture with them!” I whispered back.

“But I’m tired…” He pouts, resting his head on mine.

“It’ll only be a few minutes. Do it.” I hit his chest softly. He sighed and smiled at the girls. It took five minutes until we said goodbye and walked outside.

“Finally.” He wrapped his arms around me. “Sometimes I wish fans wouldn’t delay moments like this.”

“What are you talking about?” I chuckled. “Your fans love you. You owe it to them to get stopped.”

“Whatever. Hey, our carriage has arrived.” a smile creeps onto his lips as a limousine pulls up besides us.

I gasp. “Alexander William Gaskarth, you did not.”

“I did. To the hotel!” He grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.


“Why- No- I just- This is way too nice…” I spin around slowly in the room.

“Nothing is too nice, not for you.” He smiled.

“Holy fuck.” I open the blinds to the window running from the floor to the ceiling. We were on the eleventh floor and it was beautiful.

“I know right.” I can almost hear the smirk in his voice. He moved my hair to one side and kissed my neck softly. “I missed you so much.”

I turned to him. “I missed you too.” I kissed him. Every time one of us pulled away the other reattached until we ended up on the bed, which by the way was soft as hell, and my breathing increased.

120 bpm.

He reached his hands down and let them slide under my shirt.

135 bpm.

He pulled off his and frantically started unbuckling his pants. Then he kissed me again, rubbing in between my legs.

145 bpm.

150... 164... 170... 183....


@MaddieBTK: London has been great so far! Meet ‘n’ Greet tomorrow at seven after my acoustic set in Hyde Park!


a/n: I'm super fucking gay this is weird writing about straight sex I can only get to foreplay tbh



I read heart rate increases like 80 percent during sex so I was trying to be cool

Idk bye

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