He has the nerve to show up. I keep walking until I have no possible idea where I am. I choose a corner of a building and just sit there. People pass by me. Staring. Its not much different. I had to deal with it all the time at my school before I up and left.

    The sky fades to black and my phone is buzzing. Andy is blowing my phone up. Where are you? You can't just go out there all alone! Come back. We need to talk ASAP. I can tell he is worried. I don't care. I find the perfect thing to tell him, why the hell would you care, Andy? You looked perfectly fine nibbling on your little show off over there.
    He texts me back, I'm sorry, I got caught in the moment and I don't know what happened to me. I love her.

    That hurt, You know what Andy!?! If you love her then why would you be having intimate moments with me!?! Why don't you come in contact with me when you know what love is. Because I already do and I'm not about to waste my time with someone who doesn't know what he wants.

    I already know what I want. Its you.

    That makes me mad as hell. I throw my phone at a brick wall and watch as it falls to the ground. Broken. Just like my heart. I lie down on the cold hard ground and fall asleep.

Andy's POV

    She doesn't answer me back. Jinxx tracks the location and we leave within the next hour. I press send to tell her to answer me, but a box pops up stating that her phone is either dead, out of service, or broken past the ability to work. I toss my phone on the couch and walk away. Its an hour ride to where she is. Or is supposed to be. The bus stops and I see her phone. Broken all to hell and back. I don't see Valeri.

Valeri's POV

    I heard the bus just in time for me to hide in between two trashcans in the ally. I peek out and see Andy on his knees with my phone. Crying. Christian looks down the ally and I jerk my head back into the small space I hear them talking and I hear footsteps in my direction. I instantly cover my mouth as Jeremy passes me. He yells back to the guys, "Nothing back here. We need to move onto a five block radius. Call the cops!" A rat the size of my shoe crawls over my arm. I brush it away, and it squeaks. It squeaks. On god no.

    Jinxx looks into my direction and meets my eyes, "NEVERMIND!!!! I FOUND HER! SHES OVER HERE." He walks to me and I shove a trash can in his way. I sprint around him and make a beeline for the nearest building with a ladder to the roof. I see one and urge my legs to move faster. Five yards. Two yards. I grab the handles and haul my body onto the ladder. I'm about to go further up. This needs to end. Now. I feel a familiar arm locked around my waist. It tugs me down to the ground. I land on him and I use it to my advantage. But he won't give in, "You're not doing this,  Val!" I look at Andy through teary eyes, "I hate to burst your bubble, but I believe that's what I'm doing now." I start back up the ladder and feel a hand around my ankle. He pulls me down, letting me slam into his ribs. He rolls me over and straddles me, holding my hands down to the ground. He kisses me. Soft and passionate. I push at him to get me off. As he falls, I feel four pairs of hands arresting my body. I scream my head off and say every colorful word in the rainbow book. I bite the nearest hand as hard as I can and as the hand releases, I kick who else is arresting my body. I'm free. I walk to the ladder. I scale it. I walk to the edge of the roof and stand on the very edge. I take my first step into oblivion. The last thing I remember is being knocked backward and hitting my head on something. Something warm and soft.


    I wake on the roof. My head on Ashley's chest. I get up and see him. Sleeping. I stand to finish the job when his hand closes around my ankle. He can barely talk. He is beaten and bloody, with a bite mark on his hand. He shakes his head and I obey.

    I have him sit up and I pull him close. His head on my chest. He laughs and pokes my boob. I shove him back to the ground. He laughs so hard he coughs. I start to laugh and I crawl over to him. Today is my birthday. I'm fine. I lay half of my body on him and kiss him on the lips softly. He kisses back, leaving a taste of blood and cigarettes in my mouth. It feels so good. Right. I pull away from him and help him up. We climb down the ladder together and head towards the bus. I'm reluctant to go in. He grabs my arm firmly and forces me in. We go to the back room and he takes my shirt, pants, shoes, and socks off. He leaves for a split seconnd and comes back with a wet rag. He cleans me and he doesn't make one perverted comment while he does it. He lingers with the rag at my lips and drops it to the floor, pressing his body to mine. His lips to mine. I'm laying down, him on top of me. My legs wrapped around his hips. He moves to my neck and down my stomach. I cant-this reminds me too much of- oh god. I hear a loud breath come from my mouth. He is sucking on my neck. I never noticed he was back. He moves back to my lips and softly kisses them, cupping my face with his hands. My forehead rests against his. A tear falls down my face when I think about how much this reminds me of mine and Andy's first kiss. Ashley wipes the tear from my face and cradles my head against his chest.

    After a while, I put a shirt and pants on and fall asleep in Ash's arms.

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