Lay Me Down Chapter 2

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I stepped into the classroom and went and sat down at my desk. The class was so noisy and loud. I swear I hated these people and usually the people that were in your first class were in your next four classes, but some were not. I reached in my bag and pulled out books and a notebook as the tardy bell rang, like always most people were late.  I sat there as the teacher did roll and passed back completed work. I was working on unfinished homework when I heard the classroom door open signaling someone's arrival.  A guy walked in carrying books. He handed the teacher a slip of paper.

"What's your name?" I heard the teacher ask.

"Carter" He replied.

"Well Carter welcome to Faber High, have a seat wherever you like." I averted my gaze back to the paper in front of me trying to complete my homework since I was not able to do it last night. I looked back up to see the guy looking at the desk next to me. Please do not sit by me I muttered in my head.

"Hey, Psst." A girl whispered. The new kid looked in their direction. "Come sit over here." she muttered.

"What's your name?" She asked him once he had sat down.

"Carter," he replied.

"Hey Carter, I'm Cindy. This is Holly, Drew, Tammy, and Blake" She said introducing him to everyone around her. They began muttering their heys and hellos. I dismissed myself from what they were talking about and continued doing my work. I really needed to catch up.

I sat at lunch against the big oak tree, with my legs pulled up like I always did. It was like clockwork for me. I would sit here eat a snack and do homework, because I never got a chance to do it at home. I worked out the problem y= 3x -(-2b)+29c. I had to some way find out what each variable equaled. I began to work out the problem on my paper, when someone sat beside me. I looked over, it was Drew. What does he want?

"What's up Lizzie?" he said.

"What do you want Drew?" I asked ready for him to leave.

"Damn, why are you so mean all the time? I was just trying to see what you were doing." He said.

"What does it look like, that was a no brainer even for you, now what do you really want?" I asked him.

"I was wondering if you were ready to come to my place yet. You know I can give you the time of your life." I rolled my eyes.

"Get out my face!" I told him.

"Come on Lizzie, I told you that being a virgin was no problem. I can work with that." Ughh I was far from it. Why was he even talking to me?  We hated each other. I looked towards his table where he usually sat and the new guy was sitting there and was looking in our direction. Oh they must have been talking about me. The guy averted his gaze once he realized I had caught him looking this way. I turned my attention back to Drew.

"Are you done now? Can you leave?" I asked him.

"I'm not done until you agree to have a sleepover with me." He stated. I scoffed and grabbed my books and put them in my book bag. I grabbed my book bag and stood up from my position. I wiped off my pants and began to walk away heading to my next class early.

I sat in my next class still trying to complete homework. These teachers really needed to give us a break.  We hadn't even been in school for a week yet and they were already drowning us in homework. I sighed thanking god that I didn't have Drew or anybody that hung out in his crowd in this class. It was more of a gifted class for smart people and they were far from being even capable of schoolwork. The bell rang signaling for students to go to class. I sat there waiting for the teacher to arrive so we could begin.

I was still trying to get the problems worked out when I heard the chair next to me being moved. I looked up to see the new guy taking a seat next to me. Ugh, this classroom was arranged in tables and two people sat next to a table. It was meant for us to be in groups but I would rather work along and the teacher completely understood. This was a labs class, so we did a bunch of projects and group work. He pulled his seat up and I began to work back on my problems.

"What kind of math are you in?" He asked.

"Geometry" I replied.

"Oh" he said. I huffed.

"I'm Carter by the way" He said.  I nodded and continued working on my work. "You need help?" he asked.

"Why are you talking so much?" I asked him.

"I was just trying to be nice." he said. "You would think people would be more welcoming you know with me being new and all but I see that that is not how things work here." He stated.

"Good you are catching on." I told him. He gave me a weird look and then stopped talking. Nothing else was said throughout the class.

 I walked to my last class. My favorite class of the day because it was challenging and I love math. I walked in and sat down and soon later I saw the new guy come in. He gave me a weird look and looked at his schedule and then at the door. I laughed but tried to hide it from him. He came and sat next to me once again. I sighed could he not take a hint.

"I thought you were in Geometry?" He asked.

"Why would you think that?" I asked him.

"Because that's what you told me." He stated.

"Oh well I am," I replied.

"But this is a Calculus class." He replied.

"Oh well I guess I'm in Calculus then." I said. He looked at me for a while and then he sighed and turned forward to take notes on today's lesson.

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