Feminism Jokes

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I just want to say, that this isn't targeted towards feminists who push for equality. This is targeted towards those dumb asses who think a majority or every man is a sexist idiot.

1. You fucking idiot, wanting a tall man with some hard pecs, but you're fucking ugly, you'll never have sex!

2. You think there is actually a wage gap? Maybe if you worked more there wouldn't be one, all you fucking do is yap!

3. Your cause is kinda dumb, I don't need proof, you look like you suck your thumb.

4. You continue to say shit without proof, go suck a dick, oh wait you can't because your built like a house roof!

5. You say a lot of unsupported things, funny thing, you look like you eat hundreds of chicken wings.

6. Your statements make you look like a doofus, now go fuck off and be a magician and just go stinking poofus!

7. The shit you say and the shit you dream of is super hocus pocus, instead of complaining about bullshit, in the class you should probably focus.

8. There is nothing bad with people who are goth, most of you are just really dumb ones with hearts colder than Hoth!
(Star Wars Reference)

9. You push for equality but you hate on men, yet most of you are built like the legendary Big Ben!

10. You are mad, your life is sad, sex is something you wish you had, built like a paper wad, everything you say is stupid and just really bad.

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