Chapter 139

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"Evelyn...?" The sound of a familiar voice pulled the human from her slumbers.

Her eyelids jolted open. The first thing she felt as her eyes tried to function and the blurry world came into view, was an unforeseen coldness that numbed her body for several seconds. Then, it faded away.

"Evie?" the voice said again, and she felt a hand on her shoulder.

It was Zayn. She didn't have to shift her eyes from the white ceiling above to know that it was Zayn. She recognised his voice everywhere. After all, it was something that plagued her nightmares.

"What's wrong?" Zayn asked. His hand was gently stroking her shoulder. "Your heart is racing. I can smell fear in your veins. Darling, tell me what's wrong?"

Memories of her dream came flooding back, so fast that she winced and squeezed her eyes close when a sharp stab of pain hit her tempo. She remembered Lucifer, she remembered that child in the torn dress, and the deal Lucifer proposed to her.

Was it real? She wondered. Was it real, or was it just a dream? Could it be real?

All kinds of bizarre questions were popping into her mind, as her disarranged, agitated, and worn mind tried to make sense of things. But her brain was still semi-asleep; hence, all of her thoughts were off on a tangent.

Zayn's hand was still on her shoulder; his thumb was tracing comforting circles around the exposed part of her upper shoulder. He wanted to pull her into his arms, hold her, and tell her that everything was going to be all right, that he'll protect her and nothing would hurt her as long as he's around. Zayn wanted to, really wanted to, but he restrained himself from acting out his desires.

He knew how fragile she was from the encounter with Ethan three days ago. It wasn't easy being told by someone whom you love that you mean nothing to them, and all that you thought was true was just a lie. Zayn knew the pain Evelyn was going through from first hand experiences.

And it was excruciating.

Cautiously, he leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Talk to me Evie, my love, my light, my darling. Please, just talk to me. I love you. I want to make you happy."

Her eyes fluttered for a moment. Gradually, her eyes focused, and her dark pupils were facing Zayn. Her blue irises were a much clearer blue today. The misty cloud of downheartedness seemed to have faded. Only slightly, but it was a sign of hope.

She opened her mouth, and was about to say something, when her stomach growled. It had been a while since she'd eaten anything.

Zayn smiled. "Bring Miss Blackburn some soup," he whispered without taking his eyes off Evelyn.

At first, Evelyn thought he was talking to her, but then she realised he was talking to the guards who were probably stationed outside of her door.

Zayn beamed her a smile, and then leaned down to kiss her.

Evelyn dodged the kiss quickly. She shuffled her way across the bed so that there were some space between herself and Zayn.

"I liked your present," Zayn said suddenly, and smiled brightly at Evelyn. He leaned over the edge of the bed and picked up the small gift bag Evelyn had been carrying on her way home. "Or shall I say presents... I love them."

First, he pulled out the large, men's sized I Love Zayn Malik T-shirt, then the pen, notepad, backpack, badges, and stickers. He had laughed when he'd seen these things. He guessed that it reflected the way Evelyn viewed him. Conceited and self-obsessed, which he couldn't deny.

Then, he pulled out a small and framed drawing of himself. When he had first seen that portrait, he thought Evelyn had bought it. He almost wept when he saw the E. Blackburn signature at the right hand bottom of the small, A4 sized piece of art. The joy that exploded in his chest when he realised how Evelyn had drawn it herself... Zayn was ecstatic. He was on cloud nine! It was such a thoughtful gift, and so sentimental. Even now, his heart was blooming with happiness at the sight of it, knowing Evelyn had drawn it herself.

May he add, he did look fucking hot in the drawing.

He placed it in Evelyn's lap, his smile wide and enthusiastic. He had hoped for her to acknowledge it and for some of the feeling that she felt when she drew it, to come rushing back. Or, at least what he thought she had felt.

No sudden rupture of love on her expressionless face

At last, he pulled out a black, knitted sweater with I'm Evil and I Know It, printed across the chest in white letters.

He loved everything that Evelyn had gifted him.

"Thank you," he spoke in a soft voice, hoping to evoke some emotion from her.

His words of gratitude meant nothing to her.

Evelyn stared at him blankly for a moment before she spoke.

Despite the questions of the legitimacy of Lucifer's existence still echoing in the back of her mind, Evelyn was not in a mood to go into a full blown discussion about her dream with Zayn. Instead, she asked him the question that had been haunting her since she first laid eyes on Ethan three days ago.

Zayn must have sensed what was coming, because he then said, "Evie, I haven't done anything wrong. Don't treat me as if I had killed someone!"

"Why is he here?" Evelyn spoke for the first time in three days. "Why was Ethan wearing a guard's uniform? What have you done to him?"


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