Lindsey point of the view 

+ After dinner+

“So are we heading home to record or are we heading home to sleep?” I asked my dad after we were done eating.

“Home to sleep, we’ve had a long day and I wanna show you the room. Plus I want you to meet some people.” He replied back to me after we got back onto the main road.

***********************After the drive**********************

“Honey we’re hooooommmeee!” Dad sang having a voice crack in the middle of it which made me laugh.

“Ha-ha you had a voice crack” I laughed at him. He started pouting like a little kid which made me laugh harder.

“Emile, Where the hel- oh hey um are you Lindsey? The girl he adopted?" A man with a hat on asked. Looking at me with a questioning look. I nod my head realizing that it was Proton Jon in front of me. 

"Yeah. *Coughs* I'm Lindsey i'm a huge fan of you guys and where is tim at?" I asked looking over Jons shoulder.

"Oh he's cleaning the mess we made in the Kitchen. Emile your gonna need more water and Candy by the way." He said while laughing. 

"Really Jon. Wait, I don't have any candy." Emile said with confusion.

Jons eyes got wide and walked over to emile. After they talked Emile slapped Jon on the head with  a kirby plushie and i laughed at them. 

"EMILE DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR NAILS ARE AT?!?!" I heard a lady, im guessing Masea yelled.

I turned around wondering why Emile didnt reply back and it was because Jon was sitting on him, with his head facing the floor. Seeing that made me laugh really hard. 

I tackled jon off of him put soon regreted it as jon started tickling me.

"Really!?! Dad help me!!" I screamed will laughing.

"But its so far away!" dad said even though he was right next to me.

*After Lindsey Punched jon ti get of her

"There we go i can breath now" i said stretching. I yawned realizing how tired i was.

"Look likes someone wants to sleep in her new room." Emile said realizing i yawned. I nodded my head my eyes getting heavy. I felt myself get lifted up and put on a fluffy bed.

"Goodnight sweety." Emile whispered kissing me on the head.


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