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*billies pov*

I wake up to the sound of my dog barking, and my mom laughing. Good morning, I guess.

I check the time on my phone to see that it's 9:23am, which isn't a bad time. Not too early, not too late. But regardless, I still stayed in bed for another twenty minutes.

Today marks the grand opening of the "Billie Eilish Experience" which is basically an interactive exhibit of my album. It's something my team has been working on for a while and I think it's gonna go really well.

Tonight is the night me and my friends get to hang out there first before all the fans come tomorrow. I've seen it a little bit but I haven't gotten to experience it fully yet, so i'm excited.

"Moooommmm." I yell from my bed, refusing to get up just yet.

"No Billie."

She always says that when I call for her, just so that i'll get up.

I stand up, almost walking out of the room, forgetting I don't have pants on.

I throw some random sweatpants on, and walk out of my room, rubbing my eyes.

"You ready for today?" Mom says, as I nod my head, still rubbing my eyes and yawning.

"Can you make me breakfast? I'm starving." I ask, and just as I finished, she points to the kitchen, where food is already waiting for me.

"Hell yeah."

I make a plate, and sit down on the couch, scrolling through my missed texts from last night of everybody congratulating me. I smile at every one. It's insane to me how before yesterday I had a small ep out and some singles, and songs that were to be on the album out. Now I have a whole ass album.

"Hey kid." Finneas says, waddling to my side, snuggling beside me.

"Goodmorning." I say back, still scrolling.

I guess that's all he had to say, because he stopped talking and grabbed his phone as well.


"Yo, this shit is fire." Jessie says, coming up to me, before the doors even open. "I haven't seen it yet, but I know it's fire."

We're about to go into the experience, and i've never been so excited for something. Every song from the album has its own room based on the smell, temperature, color, shape, and number that my brain associates it with.

"Here we goooo." I yell as we go through the motions throughout the first room.

I gotta admit, this shit IS fire.

"Hi!!" Leah says, hugging me from behind.

"Hi love. Isn't this cool?" I say, pointing around the room.

"It's amazing. So proud." She says, smiling at me.

We walk through the rooms slowly, admiring them.

I personally loved every room, but I know a lot of people had favorites.

Everyone seemed to love the room based on 8. Mainly because it was filled with puppies that you could play with.

Another popular favorite was listen before i go, a room full of pillows and a sunset background. The room was cozy and comfortable.

I think the fans are gonna love the "my strange addiction" room, or "i love you."

We soon finished, and everyone was outside the building. People were taking pictures, and constantly coming to talk to me. I went up to everyone to thank them for coming and to talk to the personally. Get a few pictures and shit.

"Hey, the after party doesn't start for another hour, and everyone's still gonna be here until then. Wanna go sit in the car?" Leah asks, obviously inviting me to fuck.

I giggle, and start walking towards the parking lot that her car is parked in.

She follows behind me, laughing.

"You must've missed me." I say, grabbing her hand so we can walk together.


We both get to the car, walking to opposite sides of the back seats.

And I think you get what happened next.


"I'm the baaaad guy..Duh." I yell as my music plays across the speakers. Everyone else laughs at me, while they dance and sing along too.

This is true happiness.

"Yo, I'm gonna go get a drink." Leah says, walking off to the bar.

Leah's 23. Which is fine for me, but technically not fine to the law enforcement. But who cares. Plus, it wouldn't be the first time, right?

I stood and waited for her to come back for a while, but she still didn't after fifteen minutes. So, I decided to walk around.

"Where the fuck is this bitch?" I say under my breath just as Finneas walks towards me.

"Leahs pissed. She said she isn't talking to you until she leaves."

"Until who leaves?"

"I don't know, she just referred to somebody as 'that bitch.' Did you invite an old friend of hers? Or her ex or something?" Finneas asks, laughing.

"I didn't invite anyone like that, but it's not like it would be impossible for someone to just walk in here."

I look around for Leah, and also whoever this girl is that she's so worried about. No sight of her or this mystery girl.

And then I see exactly who shes talking about.
Standing there with a cup in her hand, looking around hopelessly.

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