Chapter II

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The days after that were filled with training of all sorts, she memorized all of the most common fighting styles for both the Jedi and the Sith, then she perfected her skills until she could take anyone fighting with any of these styles down in a minute. Next, she focused on improv by programing a training droid to be able to do any thing, so that she would be prepared to fight people with their own styles of fighting.   She trained every way she could think of, but when the five days were up and it was time to leave, she was still not ready
Day 1
"C, I need a copy of every book on fighting techniques that we have!" she yelled from the training arena, as the droid beat her for the tenth time.
"what are you planning to do with all of these?" S3 asked her.
"memorize them!"
Day 2
"C, please program this droid with top-level fighting techniques and return it back to me."
"Darth Zorla, you can't possibly know enough to fight one of those." S3 told her.
In response, she flung the droid she had been fighting across the room, "Just do it C." she yelled.

Day 3
"Come on, F9-T3! Harder, I need to prefect these styles," she said to one of the beat-up fighting droids that was laying on the ground, recovering form the battle, "C, I need you to fix up this droid and give it deadly weapons," she told S3.
Day 4
S3 walked into the dojo and was shocked. "Va- Darth Zorla," she said, looking at the pile of droids, "you called.
"I need you to program these with advanced improvising. And try and find a master setting, these ones are too easy, real Jedi won't fight this awfully, and sith definitely won't." S3 grabbed the droids and walked away.
Day 5
"Darth Zorla, Darth Nethine is calling you," C3 informed her, "she says you have to come right now."

"Okay C, I'm going," she said, throwing down the droid that had sprung up at her. "Master, I am about to depart, what must I do to redeem my self?" she asked, when she entered the room.
"Darth Zorla, my trophy shelf is seeming a little empty. I think about maybe 8 before you are picked up in 2 days. And remember, I don't just want Jedi lightsabers. If you bring me well over that number, I might just forget about the whole incident," Darth Nethine instructed her.
"Yes master. I promise that I won't fail you again," Darth Zorla replied.
"I hope for your sake that you are correct. Now go, the shuttle is waiting," Darth Nethine exited the room leaving Darth Zorla by herself.
"come on C, we need to go," Darth Zorla said, heading for the shuttle.
"yes, I am coming Darth Zorla, don't worry," C3 responded.
Darth Zorla got into the ship and jumped into the cockpit. She opened the hanger bay doors and took of into hyperspace. While she was enjoying possibly her last time in hyperspace, S3 approached her.
"Darth Zorla, we have a problem. The engines are heating up. We will not be able to take off from Tuul." S3 said, pointing to the screen where the engines where filled with a blinking red light.
"Oh! Of course! That's why master said, 'when I was picked up.' He is making it so I can't get off Tuul!" Darth Zorla said, exasperated.
"Well, we'll just have to prove him wrong. I can work on the ship while you gather the lightsabers."
"Don't you mean kill Jedi and Sith?" Darth Zorla retorted.
"Vassi, I mean gather lightsabers. Most sith don't stop in the middle of a battle to pick up lightsabers. You don't have to kill to get all of them,"
Darth Zorla forced S3 away. "I am a Sith! I will not take lightsabers from fallen Jedi! My name is Darth Zorla! And you will not call me anything else. Do you understand?" she yelled.
All of a sudden, S3 knocked her out, "I understand," she said, slinging Darth Zorla over her shoulder.

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