damn it's crowded here


im scared

ewewewewewew why are people touching me no hands off the booty


ugh there's like chocolate brittle and yummy stuff like that and my sister's trying at all like "yummmmm" AND IM STANDING HERE HATING LIFE BC MY MOUTH HURTS LIKE A FUCKER AND PEOPLE ARE ASKING IF I WANT TO TRY A SAMPLE LIKE YES OF COURSE I DO BUT ASK SATAN FIRST

im pissy when people are crushing me into a tiny enclosed space bc get your hands off me im claustrophobic

so it's some cool shopping stuff and art and other sweg shit.

i got this really cool notebook and it was like $40 so ima use it to write songs winky winky wink

and a hella pretty necklace

it's like made out of cute gears and it's like awesmakingly cool and made out of old watch pieces and a red crystal

and some cherry lip balm and coconut body butter so now I smell good

so yeah I'm gonna go smell good, put on lip balm, put on meh necklace and write a song in ma notebook


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