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2. Transformation

          I woke up and listened to Katy Perry’s “One of the Boys”. Who would’ve known that this song would become my national anthem over the summer? I spent so much time at the gym this summer trying to fix my body from boyish to working on my butt and having some curves. Brad helped me a lot over the summer with buying new clothes and finding the right makeup.

          I squeezed into a mini skirt and tang top. I stared at myself for a moment. It wasn’t what I was used to, but I didn’t think I looked that horrible. I put some makeup on and bit my lower lip afraid that it would look ridiculous. “Abs, are you ready—” Pacen’s words got cut off as he stepped into the bathroom door and saw me brushing my hair out neatly. “Wh—what happened to you?” He licked his lips.

          “Nothing,” I smiled. “Are we ready to go?” My father had gotten his car back, but Pacen and I always drove together on the first day of school. It was our tradition.

          He nodded, staring at me confused. I made my way across the room his eyes following me as my hips swayed. He went downstairs with me, nearly tripping all over himself. I had an odd sense that this year was going to start off interesting.

          Pacen was silent the entire ride to school. Occasionally, his eyes would skim across the dashboard to me. He looked angry and confused, but I couldn’t understand why. When we pulled up to school he slammed the door shut without saying a word to me. I sat back for a moment watching as the other seniors finally parked their cars in the senior section and smiled like they’d accomplished something. The wind was blowing against the trees softly and our school’s building looked more beautiful than ever shining against the plants that surrounded it. I got out of the car timidly and walked over to the gang. Andrew was the first person to spot me. His mouth dropped open as he saw me head over to everyone. “Who the hell are you,” he asked playfully.

          I laughed, “Hey.”

          “Damn girl!” His eyes racked my body. “You’re hot!”

          I felt a warmth creep along my cheeks. No one had ever said that to me before. “Um, thanks.”

          Everyone else eyed me and complimented me. I noticed that Amy and Devin were missing and so was Pacen.

          “Did you come with Pay?” Andrew asked.

          “Of course I did,” I paused. “He’s mad at me for some reason.”

          Andrew chuckled, “I can imagine why.” He was leaning against his car.

          “Why,” my eyebrows knit together.

          “Because you’re like his little sister and for you to come dressed like this—” his eyes raked along my body again. I swayed and pulled my hand over my arm attempting to cover my stomach. “Well the guys will be all over you,” he said stepping closer.

          “That’s ridiculous.”

          “Its reality,” he smirked. He studied me for a moment. His green eyes were intense, I guess because he never looked at me directly before. His dirty blonde hair was messily shoved back and his skin was tanned from being out all summer. “Are you busy later tonight?”

          “I’m not sure,” I answered automatically. “Why?”

          “Because—” he paused.

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