Chapter 2

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I sat down under a tree quietly taking in my surroundings. We were in a giant, enclosed, indoor garden. Multiple noble females were sitting at a table chatting away. The men were all out on some small hunting trip. Multiple of the younger girls sat at another table chatting. I however, had no interest in even talking to them. I know I will eventually, but I can't handle the thought of talking to some snobby 10 year olds.

I looked around and saw the younger boys, who were running around playing. Then I spotted Dexter shoving some kid in a cloak down to the ground. I quickly jumped up and ran over to the scene.

"Dexter stop!" He was obviously about to go down and punch the kid with his pudgy hands, but when I ran over he stopped.

"What are you doing?" I asked though it was more of a scold.

"This freak has creepy red eyes." Dexter said glaring at the boy's form on the ground.

"That doesn't excuse you from any of your actions! Let's go." I grabbed his arm and dragged him away. However, not before looking back and giving the kid a sympathetic look. As I dragged dragged Dexter away I looked back and say a oddly familiar pink pig tailed girl go and help him. I really couldn't think of why she looked so familiar, but I pushed down those feelings.

Finally I reached a more secluded place.

"Dexter doing something like that could seriously tarnish your families image!" I scolded.

"Yeah whatever. I doubt it though. That kid looked like a Baron's child at best." Dexter said crossing his arms.

"You still shouldn't do it. They could charge your family." I glared.

"I'm of higher status so it would be to no avail. All you do is pay them off. I thought you were smarter than that Jody." He smirked. Part of me just wanted to punch him in his stupid pudgy face. I know if I did it wouldn't have a pretty outcome. I hated it but Dexter was right. He's of higher status so I could seriously harm my family's image.

"Okay whatever just don't go and do that again." I scowled and crossed my arms before walking off. I sighed and went back to the comfort of my tree and sat down.

"Everyone the Emperor!" Someone announced. I made my way closer and found myself next to Dexter. Slowly a tall man with black hair and blue eyes came into view.

"Is that the Emperor?" I asked nudging Dexter who quickly slapped my hand away.

"Are you deaf or something? Of course it is. Didn't you hear the announcer?" He scowled.
I rolled my eyes.

"And now the Grand Prince and his fiancé!" The announcer announced. A boy walked in with black hair and red eyes with the same girl with pink pig tails from before.

"He has red eyes." I mumbled to Dexter.

"No really? It's not like I don't have eyes." He said sarcastically.

"Is that the kid you shoved earlier?" I laughed.

"So what if it was." He mumbled.

"Well he is of higher status, so that could do some serious damage." I snickered. He looked at me with a sharp glare and gave me a push.

"Woah rude much?" I mumbled. Then I focused on all the men coming back waiting for my dad before hearing a conversation behind me.

"That Grand Prince has red eyes." A female voice snickered.

"I heard his father conceived a child with a witch and he was born from it." Another female laughed.

"Ooh don't talk too loud or he will curse you." A third laughed.

"Hey you guys! Stop being mean!" A high pitched female voice chimed. I quickly turned my head to see the pink haired girl scolding the three other girls who just looked amused and obviously turned their heads down on her. Still she stood tall with her hands on her hips. This scene seems so oddly familiar. Oh my. I gasped and covered my mouth. I'm in the novel I was reading before I died.

I actually just finished the story before I died. It centers around that annoying pink pig tailed girl, Elisabeth English. And that means the red eyes kid, my fiancé was beating up was the male lead, Leonel Graves. Who is also the Emperor's son. They met when some knights went and tried to drown Leonel for his eye color. Elisabeth sees this and saves him. This was maybe when they were 8? He decides he loves her and gets engaged. In the end it was all to a fail though because she falls for Cordell Smalls, son of the King. The Grand Prince Graves catches Elisa and Prince Smalls naked and making out. Him being heartbroken says he will tie cinder blocks to his feet and jump off a bridge. He tells her to choose. And of course she chooses Cordell. And he does as he said he would. What makes me sad is that she never even blinked an eye to it. Of course she was upset by it but barely shed a tear. What's even worse is even though he caught them that time. It was not their first time fooling around. Leonel had such an unconditional and loyal love for her. It is a very dark ending indeed.

Now to some main points in this story. You have magic abilities that are sorted into the element categories (Fire, air, earth, and water.) Leonel was fire, Elisa was water, and Cornell was air. All three of them were very strong users of it as well. When you're fire or water you tend to find your ability when you're younger. Like if you're fire you might feel hotter than other might and vise versa. It honestly really doesn't affect anything, but I just remember Leonel liking to hug Elisa because it cooked him down and once again vise versa.

I was quickly knocked out of my thoughts at Elisa being pushed into me. Subconsciously I caught her and glared at the girl who shoved her.

"Are you okay?" I asked. She looked up at me with teary eyes.

"Thank you so much!" She beamed and quickly got off of me thankfully.

"It's not problem. I should go." I mumbled and quickly walked away before she could say another thing. I quickly went back under the tree and sat down.

I seriously can't be getting involved with any of these people. I suddenly felt a little cold and wrapped my arms around myself.

"I never got a chance to thank you." I jerked my head to the voice only to be met with the ruby red eyes. Leonel...

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