9th Imagine....

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I'd like to meet my boyfriend~

Just recently you started dating Roc. You already met his family and now he's about to meet your family. Let's see how this goes....

"Y/N, I don't know if I wanna meet your family" Roc say nervous outside of his house sitting in your car. "Don't worry everythings gonna be fine! Just come in, please for me?" you beg. "Fine" Roc sa's and hanging up the phone. He sighs heavily and step out the car. He make his way up the stairs and say "Here go nothing". He rings ring the door bell and Roc comes to the door.

"Ha! I thought you was gone drive off" you laugh as you welcome him in the house. "I should have" he mummbles under his  breath. Roc takes hold your hand and you both walk into the kitchen. "Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet my  boyfrind !" you smile. He forces a welcoming smile on his face and say, "Hi Mr & Mrs. Y/LN (you last name)!". They stare at him. Shit.

 "So this is the boy you talk about all day long huh, Y/N?" ask your dad standing up and walking around Roc. You nod happily and stare at Roc. He forces a smile and looks at your father, "So, Chresanto is your name right?" your mom ask. "Yeah" he replies. " You know I truly love my daughter right?" says your dad. "Dad, what are you doing" you ask nervous.

"Yes sir" replies Roc just as nervous as you. "So you know I'd hate to see her sad right?" he continues. Roc nods. "Y/FN (Your father name), Honey what are you doing" ask your mother. He shushes her and ask the ladies to leave the room. You and your mother sigh and leave.

Roc started to panic. He was scared and he need a hand to hold, your hand. "If you do anything! Anything to my daughter! I swear I will be every where you are! I'n your house, in your school, in your closet, under yo bed, in your laundry basket, in you dreams. Nigaa I'd even be in your shower!" he shouts and pulls out a pocket knife!

Roc screams in terror, sounding like a little girl. He jumps out the chair and runs out the house and into his car still screaming. You come around the corner from watching Roc. "Daddy!" You scream. "You could do better Y/N" he laughs as he walsk upstairs. You and your mom look at each other. "There goes my first ever boyfriend".


You like the new way I decided to write? ^.^ I like it so I may start writng like that and sometimes like I write the older ones! I hope you liked it! Remember I take request for RayRay, Prodigy, Princeton and your Spiffy Boy Roc Royal :P

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