Chapter 3

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After the whole. . .situation with Malfoy, I just carried on as I normally would. When he left, I brushed my teeth and changed into my robes. I tied my hair into pony tail and put my black converse on my feet. All sorts of questions were roaming my head, just waiting to be grasped and thought about properly but my mind was so muddled at the moment, so instead of pondering, I just went down to breakfast.

I reached my house table and took a seat next to Hermione.

"Hey, how was your night? How was Malfoy?" She said, shooting me a concerned look.

"Hermione, I was fine and besides, he didn't even talk to me. And I won't talk to him, don't worry, " I told her as I put bacon and toast on my plate.

"So, what lessons do we have today?" I ask Hermione stuffing toast in my mouth. God I was hungry.

"Well. . ." She said taking out her time table, "we have potions, defense against the dark arts, divination and care of magical creatures. Oh and we have a free hour after potions."

"Hm, that doesn't sound too bad," I received a few questioning looks after that comment.

I went through my day, learning as much as I could, absorbing all the information, going to the lake for my free hour and then returning to lessons. After that, I went to dinner and came back to my common room, did my homework and then passed out. My day was a busy but satisfying one.

Throughout the whole day, I didn't see Malfoy very much. I saw him in lessons and when he came back to the common room, he didn't say anything. He just walked straight into his room in silence.

Two weeks passed, every single day the same as the last.

I woke up on Saturday morning, hungry for a change in my every day life. So I got up and dressed. After most of the day passed, I went back to the common room to grab my headphones and Muggle camera. I exited the room into the cool passage way leading to the Black Lake.

Technology didn't work at Hogwarts but due to the increased number of Muggleborns and Halfbloods, they introduced a new policy which allowed certain types of technology. My father was a Muggle and luckily, my camera and iPod would work.

I had a passion for photography. I believed that pictures captured something you just don't see yourself. A glimmer in peoples eyes when they laugh or the veil of shine on the water of a sunrise streaked lake.

I stepped outside and my eyes scanned my surroundings. The beauty of the Hogwarts grounds could not be summarized in words. The lake was still and calm and the grass was a crisp green and slightly swaying with the wind.

After some time with my camera, trying to capture my amazing school, I took a look at my watch and saw the time, two hours until dinner. I should get back, I thought silently to myself. I got up off of the rock that I was sitting on and made my way to the common room.

One of my favorite songs was playing, so I turned the volume up till I was consumed by the rhythm and beat of the song. I was in the common room and I closed my eyes so all I could see, hear and feel was the song. I walked blindly and hit into something hard. I reluctantly opened my eyes, not wanting to return to the real world, to see that I had bumped into the table. I removed my headphones and just stared for a while until I heard a voice. It was masculine and had a smooth tone.

"You have a lovely voice, I love the sound of that song," he said, "what is it called?"

I hadn't noticed that I had even started singing. I turned my head to the side to see Malfoy sitting on the couch, platinum white hair and everything. With his elbows on his knees and chin on his knuckles. His hair was lit up by the glare from the fire, turning it to a rich golden colour and his grey eyes were like no eyes I had ever seen before.

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