“Harry,” Louis moaned out in a raspy, worn-out voice, that made Harry’s insides twitch in an odd way, “You’re so lovely,” he whispered, leaning against the smaller boy as they staggered to Louis’ room, in the small area where a simple bathtub was placed in the corner. As Harry began warming up the water, he watched as Louis tugged on his dirty shirt lazily, “H-help me, Harry, help me please – “

            “Yes!” Harry said quickly, scurrying towards Louis and slowly helping him take off his clothes, watching as each inch of tanned, lovely skin was revealed to him. Muscles outlining his arms, a trail of hair surrounding his chest and his pectorals erect and pink and lovely, “How are you feeling?” Harry tried to ask calmly, he could not believe that one of the most handsome men was undressing right in front of him, and he would be responsible to take care of him.

            “A bit better…”

            “I’m sorry – “

            “Please,” Louis pleaded, exhaustion shining through his voice as he shimmied down from his trousers, “I do not want to talk about, I don’t – I don’t want to relive such a horrible thing again. What – what happened, I – I still can’t fathom how anyone could do such thing, what kind of monster – “

            Harry whimpered silently, at the same time Louis took off his briefs, letting his thick, veiny cock spring free. It made Harry’s mouth water, bringing back inappropriate thoughts that he shouldn’t have imagined, it was bad, bad! You’re such a dirty little slut Harry, bet you’d want to act like a whore, wouldn’t you now? Go on, do it. “Louis?” Harry whined one last time, before dropping to his knees.

            The small boy didn’t hesitate and quickly began kissing his way up to Louis’ bare, thick and sturdy thighs, and the skin was soft and lovely, and nothing like Harry had ever put his mouth on, “Dove –“ Louis gasped, his fingers threading through Harry’s curly hair and pulling gently, in an attempt to maintain the boy, “What – “

            “I want to,” Harry croaked out, and he hadn’t even realized why he was crying until he could feel tears splotching his skin, “F-for you, I want to do it, f’you, please, p-please –“

            Louis sighed, eyes glassy that showed that he had not yet recovered from his sickness, “Alright, alright dove.” And so Harry continued, reaching up and nosing around the tip of Louis’ cock, that twitched underneath his touch and began to get stiff, and it made Harry feel so proud that he had caused this and would be responsible to take care of it. It must have been the first time Harry was excited for some sort of sexual intercourse that he was consenting to.

            Quickly, Harry engulfed Louis in his mouth, sucking the tip and letting it fall with a small ‘pop’, then repeating the process until he could hear the man breathing quickly and his legs twitching beneath his touch. Louis was so big and thick, he stretched Harry’s mouth perfectly, and when he finally let his nose touch Louis’ pubic hair, cock deep inside his mouth, he finally felt sated, safe, in place.

            “F-fuck, you mouth – “ Louis groaned, fisting the soft, curly hair and pushing Harry against him so that his tip touched Harry’s throat – and Harry loved it, oh how he loved being used by such a wonderful, lovely man, who had entered his life just a couple of weeks ago and turned it upside down. “Oh Deus!” Oh God, the man cried out when Harry’s lips pressed tiny, wet kissed on his balls, the licked the underside of his cock,  “Tam bellum, mea bellulum pupa,” You’re so pretty, my pretty little doll, Harry couldn’t understand again what language Louis was speaking, but the words that left his mouth shouldn’t have been anything but beautiful.

            As Louis grew closer to climax, he began fucking Harry’s face, grunting and hissing and closing his eyes and pushing pelvis forwards, the muscles on his stomach contracting against each other, “W-wanna – “ he mumbled, and Harry felt a push on his shoulder, urging him to stop. The feeling that overtook him for a moment was horrible, since he thought that Louis was disappointed in him and that he had not done a good job.

            “Did I do – did I do something wrong – “

            “F-fuck, little one, lemme cum on your face,” Louis groaned out loud, pumping his cock viciously and bringing Harry’s lips closer to his lips. After a couple of minutes, he heard Louis shouting out, and white stripes of sperm coated Harry’s face reaching up to his eyelashes, and Louis whining as he let his cock, slumping against the wall.

            And Harry couldn’t have simply missed the look of adoration that was in Louis’ cerulean, glassy eyes right at that moment; it made him feel safe and cared for, “Little one,” Louis whispered, kneeling down and thumbing some of his sperm off Harry’s cheeks, then bringing it to his lips, and Harry licked his finger clean, “You’re so, so lovely.”   


*fans self* well that escalated quickly...

lesson learnt guys, if you evr stumble across a body, puke your guts out, you might get a blowie c;


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