eleven - harry

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eleven – harry

“I’m going to stay with Louis. He needs me.”

            Well, look who is finally growing into a mature young man, “Harry, stop the nonsense, I cannot have more troubles than I do now! Go to your room and do not get out until I tell you so!”

            “You’re not my father!” Harry shouted angrily, now Liam was talking to him again as if he was a child, “I can take care of myself, and I can make my own choices. I will be staying here and taking care of Louis.”

            “Louis is going to come with me, he needs to show me where the body is – “

            “Mr. Payne I don’t think that would be such a good idea,” Mr. Malik spoke softly, “Look at this poor man, if he were in my castle I would have taken him to the doctors immediately. There is a serious situation right now, a bizarre one, might I add, but we need to consider the victims and the sick ones as well.”

            “It’s all pure acting,” Niall slurred from the back, chugging some more from the cheap whiskey he had stolen from some customer’s pocket, “Don’t listen to him, I told you, I saw him doin’ it!”

            “Stop drinking,” Harry hissed as Louis lurched forwards again and puked some more, face drained from the color in his cheeks and eyes bloodshot, filled with tears, “L-liam, he can’t get up, we have to take care of him!”

            “I’ll show you the way. The toilets, didn’t you say?” Angie suddenly spoke up, jaw clenching and pressing her lips firmly against each other; she stared at Harry for just a mere moment, and Harry couldn’t understand if it was pure fury or simple fear that swam in her oceanic orbs, “There’s no need to put Louis through trouble, especially since he hasn’t done anything,” she said, glaring at Niall at the end of her phrase, “Poor man has been blamed for everything, and we all know he hasn’t done a thing, right Harry?”

            Spit stuck inside Harry’s throat as cold sweat began running down his spine, they couldn’t learn, they couldn’t learn, they couldn’t learn! “R-right,” he stuttered out, as everyone began rushing out of Liam’s office hurriedly.

            “I’ll leave,” Niall said quietly, as if he were warning the two lads. Honestly, Harry had been getting quite angry and frustrated with Niall in the past couple of days, and he couldn’t understand why the blonde bloke was was being so mean to him, because Harry hadn’t done anything to irritate him – he usually would have realized it even before Niall, and it would have been fair, since Niall had told him that he did a lot of stupid things and he deserved to be punished for them. He was quite stupid, Harry even believed it himself. “But don’t think I’m not going to check up on you, Harry. You’ve been behaving quite differently since Louis came here, and I don’t quite like it.” It was also irritating how Niall always talked as if Louis wasn’t present.

            With a huff, the Irish lad exited the room, stumbling from the alcohol and following the others, leaving Harry and Louis alone in Liam’s office. With a downcast heart, Harry stood up, dragging Louis along with him, “I’m – I’m going to take you to your room, Louis,” the boy whispered nervously, watching if Louis were to disagree, “I’m going to help you wash yourself. I’m – I’m so, so sorry you had to witness such a horrific sight – “

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