12: A day so beautiful ❤️ (camp day 1)

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I clicked the button and the glass windows of the car rolled down with the cool breeze hitting my face. I inhaled the air , the misty fragrance of the trees passing by filled in my nostrils. The huge glass bungalow appeared in front, making me halt the car at the gate.

Taking my seatbelt off and the sunglasses on, I stepped out of my car , called Aaliyah and ordered her to come fast. I was currently waiting outside her house, as we or rather say she had decided that we would go to university together.

Aaliyah has always been like that. She is a bold girl with a little, or more than little attitude. She may behave bossy around you sometimes . But that means that she cares for you or she is very attached to you. And her possessive behaviour is justified as she lost her mother when she was only in her teens. Since than, she has changed into her bossy, possessive kind a behaviour.

Being the only daughter of her Father Shafiq Siddique, the finest businessman , she has been pampered , making her turn into a careless girl.

But however she is, she is my bestest of friend , since we were younger.

After whatever happened yesterday, I was sure that she is going to throw a tantrum and be angry with me for a while.

I heard the sound of clicking of the heels and turned to see Aaliyah all dressed up with a grin on her face.

"Hey.." i greeted and held the door of the car open for her. Am I dreaming, or is she really normal?

She entered in the car and greeted back with a smile,
"Hi Mahir."

I sat back on my seat and I the next moment I was driving the car.

"Are you okay?" I asked her while my eyes were stuck on the front.

"Yes totally, today is gonna be alot of fun!" She replied back, with the same grin.

Something was really not right with her. I wondered if she was up to something but than shrugged off the thoughts and continued driving . The rest of the ride till university was silent , very unusual of us, as Aaliyah was a chatter box around me, until today.

We finally reached university and got down of car.

"Mahir, call me when the bus arrives. I am going to meet Benita inside."

Saying so, she went inside towards the campus.

I saw that most of the team members were here. We will be get going around 9 o clock. I looked at my phone screen and it was only 8.30 yet so I thought of calling Hamza.

"Hey. Where are you?"
I asked as he picked up my call.

"Behind you." He replied and i felt tap on my shoulder. Upon turning, I found Hamza standing there.

Hamza and I became great friends in a short span of time. And now, he is like one of my closest friends here.

"Hey buddy." I said as we shook our hands.

"Wow. Those glasses look really good."
He said to me.

"Thanks ya." I replied to him and we started walking towards the garden of the university where most of the people were.

We gathered everyone in the garden and checked if everyone was here or not. Everyone was present except, Aayat and her other three friends.

We all than went outside as Rohan informed us of the busses arrival. While i said Hamza to call whoever was not yet here.

By now,everyone was sitting inside except me and Hamza. I saw Aaliyah from window of the bus, gesturing me to come inside. I nodded at her. Hamza came near me and said,

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