Chapter 2 - Dinner at Malfoy Manor

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After about an hour of driving, Malfoy manor came into view. It was haunting and exotic looking nothing like any of the houses I have ever lived in. it was decorated with deep green trim, which Draco and the others have told me is one of the colors of slytherin. It was even more beautiful inside, with silver, black and green decor. There were maids and houselves rushing around, I suppose they were preparing for the dinner.

Narcissa huddled us to our rooms and we were told to change. There was a silver cocktail dress laid out on the bed for me. I recognized it from earlier, I tried it on at Madame Malkins. Narcissa came in shortly after I had changed and helped me with my hair, pinning it up into a glamorous pile on top of my head. She lent me some jewelery as well, a silver locket with a hind on it  and a diamond barette for my hair. She sat down on my bed and patted next to her, motioning for me to sit.

"We have invited our friends over so we could properly introduce you to society here. You may actually know some people here. Draco will come to escort you down in a few minutes. Try not to be nervous, I know everyone will adore you as we do."

She gave me a hug and then left the room. I sat there, unsure of what to do with myself then there was a knock on the door. I opened it to reveal a very handsome looking Draco. He wore a plain suit with a silver tie, matching my dress. My heart skipped a beat. The silver in his tie made his eyes appear almost silver as well, instead of his usual dark gray.

"Ready to go?" He extended his arm, which i took eagerly. He escorted me down the hail to a flight of stairs which led to the foyer. Everyone was gathered in the foyer looking up at us.

"Don't be nervous, i'll be by your side all night" Draco squeezed my arm gently and led me down the stairs. Everyone started clapping and they were all smiling. I was so nervous I felt faint. I was so glad to have Draco there to support me, physically and emotionally.

Narcissa stood at the entrance of the dining room. " I am pleased to announce Miss Elena Merlin. Everyone please, find your seats in the dining hall.


Everyone sat down to a decadent meal and afterward people went into the great hall to drink and mingle. Everyone introduced themselves to me and i was so overwhelmed, I don't think I will remember anyone's names.

I was happy to see Blaise there, with his parents. Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle were their as well their families. They stuck close to Malfoy and I. After introductions had been made, and the adults got to talking, Draco, Blaise, Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy, and I ended up sitting on the fountain in the courtyard.

Malfoy was called away by his mother for some reason, and i was left alone with the group. Blaise took my arm and walked with me throughout the courtyard while Pansy, Goyle and Crabbe chatted and ate desert.

"You look so beautiful tonight Elena. I am so happy that I have met you and that you will be joining us at Hogwarts."

I smiled weakly. I appreciated the flattery and Blaise's attention, but I didn't want to hurt Draco's feelings and ruin things with him.

Suddenly there was a crash inside, and we heard a scream. I didnt know if i should go in and help. Was i ready to expose my power in public? However unsure i was, i knew someone could be in danger and I had to help.

I ran to the dining room closely followed by Blaise. There, in the center of the room stood a man that has haunted my dreams since I was a child. A ruined face, a disgusting monster who took my family and took my dreams. Voldemort stood before me, wand at the ready,  with a young black haired boy cowering at his feet.

Without hesitation, I produced my shield. it was like a bubble surrounding me. I concentrated and extended it to include the scared boy.

 Voldemort laughed "Silly silly girl. You can protect the boy but you are not yet strong enough to maintain the shield or protect everyone. Come. Let me teach you how to use your gifts."

I looked at him shocked. He said gifts, plural. Not gift.

He knew...

"Yes I know of your other gifts child. I know how your blood heals. You mind can control the world just as mine can. I can teach you so much child."

I was afraid. My shield began to waver. I struggled, trying to fight back my tears. I could not let him see me cry.

"I have given you much to consider. I will give you some time to consider my offer. I will return my love."

He raised his wand in the air and produced his mark. Then disapeared.

My shield finally broke. I had no energy left. i felt myself falling, falling and then being held.

The last thing I remember seeing were a pair of dark gray eyes.

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