100% Perfect Ch.9

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**Thanks for all of your votes, comments, and suggestions!:) I never thought my story would make it past chapter two, but it did! Thank you guys! And from now on, the story will manly be from Poppy or Bailey's Point of View, to stop all confusion:)

100% Perfect Ch.9

Poppy's POV

"423, we've found the coordinates of Specimen 422." The intercom said. I sighed. Why couldn't it call me by 'Poppy'? I mean really, my name is not 423. I pressed the button for the intercom.

"Coming." I said. Then, I got up and pressed another button by my door to request permission to leave.

"Request granted." A mechanical voice said, then the door slid open. I walked out and down the East hall, expecting one of the stupid scientists to stop me and question my whereabouts. None of them did. Wallace, one of the people I actually partially liked in this building, nodded at me. I gave him a semi-smile and continued walking. Eventually I made it to McCrapface's office.

"Poppy!" McLean said with a smirk. I mentally groaned. 

"Hello Sir." I said, trying to not bash his head in with the lamp on his desk. Thank god I was blessed with self-control, or else he would be laying on the brown carpet in a pool of his satanic blood.

"As you know, we have discovered the whereabouts of Specimen 422. Here's the file. You should know what to do." McLean said, sliding a manila envelope towards me. I grabbed it.

"Thank you sir." I said, then I left.

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