updated intro

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hey guys!!

it's been a hot minute lol. so i went back to reread this before i started writing some more & i realized my first intro is literally so aggressive for no reason. like bruh chill. i promise i'm not actually that aggressive.

anyways i wanted to add that there will probs be less cursing bc i've changed a bit & veered away from cursing as much.

hopefully the chapters from here on out will be more in depth & longer. i'm hoping my writing skills have improved in the last two years :)

& thank you so so so much for taking the time to comment on this story. it's been super inspiring to read your guys comments & it's def helping me become more inspired to write again. keep commenting guys ily.

lastly i wanted to add if anyone ever needs to talk PLEASE REACH OUT!!! i am always gonna be here for anyone that needs it!

thank you guys & hopefully i'll start uploading chapter two soon. (don't wanna make any promises tho lol)

peace homies,

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