{ Chapter 1 }

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[James's POV]

The night before...
"Can I order a shot of vodka, thanks" I yelled over the loud music.
The bartender handed me the drink and I quickly took the shot before returning to my friends on the dance floor.
Nathan shouted in my ear "Don't you have a job interview tomorrow morning?" I nodded at him but returned to dancing because I didn't give a shit about that right now. Right now, I was focused on the girl that was dancing on me.
We danced all night without worry until the club kicked us out at 2 AM.

The morning of...
"Fuuuuuck," I said as I rushed around the house at 7:30. My interview was in half an hour and it was a 20-minute train ride. I ran around the house putting on my suit, throwing my tie around my neck without tying it up. I had a splitting headache cause I was hungover. I gargled with Listerine, before chucking my shoes on and heading out the door. I walked past my favourite café, grabbing a donut and passing the cashier $4 before running on my merry way.
The train came racing down the track as soon as I got down the stairs. I munched on my donut as the train pulled up. While I was on the train, I looked in the window and fixed up my dark brown hair. I tied my tie about 3 times, and still was struggling,
"Here let me tie it, young man," said the old man sitting next to me.
"Thank you so much sir, I thought I knew how to tie one," I said scratching my neck from embarrassment.
"It's okay, I wish you good luck at your.... job interview?" He said trying to guess if I already had a job.
"Uh, yes. I have one at my dream company sir" I said smiling, trying not to make the small talk awkward.
"Well, I believe you shall do well, try not to be shy and awkward. Make your employer see that you're the best for the position, have confidence in your answers and take as long as you need to figure out a suitable answer for the questions you're presented with" the old man said in a fathers tone, he smiled at the end of the sentence and brushed his hand on my shoulder as if brushing dust off of it.
"Thank you so much sir, I'll listen to your advice. Here is my train stop, have a nice day", I said smiling at him before running out the door.
I slowly strolled towards the 50-floor office building that was towering over me. I pushed through the rotating door and confidently strode towards the front desk,
"Hello ma'am, I'm here for an interview with the boss," I said looking down at her. She slowly looked up at me and had no facial expression
"Wait on the seats over there, I'll give you a folder to put all your papers in and well take them off you before taking the elevator up to Miss Ivanov, okay?"
"Thanks," I said before taking the folder off the counter and plopping down on the very low couch. I put my resumé and other certificates in the folder as I waited for the bitchy receptionist to call me over.
"Mr Harrison," I said telling her my last name
"Right this way," she said turning around and walking towards the elevators.
"Miss Ivanov is on the 50th floor, so this ride might take a minute or so. I'll take that folder off you now" she said putting out her arm for the folder that I was tightly hugging onto. I slowly put it out towards her and she took it off me.
"Miss Ivanov can be intimidating, but don't worry. She's just not trusting of people who apply for this position" she said staring ahead and not looking at me once
"I thought a man ran this company ma'am," I said quietly while glancing at her. She looked at me with a side-eye and stated
"I don't know who told you that, but it isn't and never will be" the elevator dinged and put her arm out directing me out of the elevator first.
She walked ahead of me and the hall was very quiet, the only sound that was heard was the receptionists' heels hitting the floor with every step she took.
"Please stand out here while I go to see if she's ready for you," she said barely opening the door to the bosses office and squeezing in, shutting the door in my face before I could see inside.
I heard muffled talking in there for what felt like ages, my legs started aching when I heard the door open. I jumped and fixed myself up, standing with good posture.
"Miss Ivanov will see you now," she said, opening the heavy door with her whole body.
"Thanks, I'll take it from here." The woman facing the window said and the receptionist closed the doors leaving me with the woman.
"So you're... Mr Harrison, I presume" the woman said turning around and taking a seat in her large white office chair.
"Yes," I said standing behind a chair placed in front of her desk.
"Take a seat James," she said opening my folder and flipping through it.
I sat down and fixed my hair up, my palms were sweating at this point and I continually wiped them on the sides of my thighs.
"Why did you apply for this particular office, not many males see a position here because a female runs it," she said still reading my folder
"Well I did think there was a man running this office building, but I'm not going to give up my dream job, In my dream office just because a woman is my boss ma'am" I expressed with confidence, remembering what the old man told me on the train this morning.
"Your dream office?" She said looking up as if I had sparked her interest.
"Yes ma'am, this is my dream office. I've seen your work and was impressed at the age you started this company. It inspired me to work with you because what you've done is very inspirational" I said shyly because I just complimented the fine woman sitting in front of me.
"Very well, Mr Harrison. I see that you're a big fan of my work. But what makes you the one for this position" she said looking at me very fiercely.
"Well, I did go to one of the best universities here and studied for 6 years. I've been in and out of office jobs because they weren't for me, but I know that this one is for me." I said, trying to give off the same energy as her.
"Thanks for your time Mr Harrison, but this meeting is over. My receptionist and I will lead you out of the building. Whether you get this position or not is up to me, so stay alert" she said standing up and walking towards the door
"Wait. Miss Ivanov, don't you think that this interview was too short. I-I-I still have questions to ask about the position" I said with my arm holding onto the chair I was sitting on.
"I said that this interview is over. You can ask questions if you get the position" she said walking out the door. I chased after her and slowed down when I reached her. We waited in front of the elevator in awkward silence. The elevator finally came and I was relieved. It got to the bottom and she escorted me toward the dorm ushering me off with a "Have a good day Mr Harrison" and I turned around with a disappointment smile saying "you too Miss Ivanov", before glumly walking towards the train station.
I barged through my door at home and slumped on my bed knowing that I just got rejected from my dream job
"And you just had to be an ass to her and say you had questions to ask, didn't you. You absolute moron" I said flipping onto my back and rubbing my temples.
I continued on with my day, playing on my PS4 all day. I ordered pizza around 9 PM cause I got hungry, around 12 AM I went to bed.

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