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Lindsay Morgan as Katherine Williams

(Signature look is just like Raven; Ponytail, but instead of the jacket she wears, it's gonna be a leather jacket )

If you guys see any mistakes, feel free to call me out :) ✨❤

I hope this is a good distraction during these harsh times with the virus going around

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I hope this is a good distraction during these harsh times with the virus going around..

Enjoy, I love you.

>>Word Count; 1107<<

My name is Katherine Williams. I use to be an FBI agent before all this happened, I lived in New York for a few years while i went to college and my training, that was about 5 years ago but i grew up in Oakland with my 2 brothers, Older sister and my parents. I'm the youngest, currently i'm 32 years old. I didn't have kids but i took care of my sister's baby, she died when she was giving birth, there were some complications so i took the baby when the father said he couldn't take care of her. So i took her in as my own. I named her Luna, my sister wanted that to be her name, I don't know where she is.. My brother picked her up from school and took care of her while i was at work.

I had put my brother down, i shot him because he turned into a 'walker'. That's what this group called them, i couldn't find my niece, she was 10.. and i don't think she can make it on her own. I don't like to think about it but i think she's dead, my other brother was in the Military, he knows how to protect himself so i'm hoping he was okay.. Either way, i was alone when this hit, i lost my brother and my niece who was like a daughter to me. I met this group down in the city of Atlanta, they took me in and now i was in their camp. They were nice people, i'm glad they took me in. Even though i like to work alone, it's better to be in a group now. Being alone is dangerous, It's gonna be 2 weeks in 3 days that I've been with this group.

"Hey." I looked back to see Glenn, "Hey." i said. "There's a group going down to the city for a run. Wanna come with us?" he asked sitting down next to me on the bench, I was sharpening my knife. "I just got away from that shit-show like a week ago," i smiled softly at him. "So... no?" he asked. I shook my head a bit, "No," i said softly still smiling at him. He nodded and looked down with a smile. "Fine." he said. "Who else going?" i asked. "Morales, Andrea, Jaqui, Merle and T-Dog." He said, I nodded a bit. "Just be careful alright.? You're one of the only people here that i actually like to talk to, besides the kids." I said. He nodded, "Okay, you want me to look for anything while we're down there.?" he asked. I shook my head, "I'm alright," i said. He nodded and stood up, "See you when we get back then." he said, I nodded. "Be careful," i said. He nodded, "Yeah," he said and walked away from me.

~Later on that same day~

I walked over to see everyone huddled around the radio, "Cmon son, you know best how to work this thing." Dale said looking at Shane, "Someone came through?" i asked looking at Dale. He nodded, "A man, said he was heading to the city." He said. I shook my head looking down at Shane who stuck his axe to the log. "Place is a nightmare.." i said as Shane grabbed the radio. "Hello, Hello. Is the person who called still on the air.?" He asked and took his hand off the button for a second waiting for a response but they didn't come through. "This is officer Shane Walsh broadcasting to person unknown. Please respond." He said and waited again.

Nothing but static.

I shook my head. "He's off." i said. Shane nodded turning it off,  "Yeah he's gone." he said. "There are others. It's not just us." Lori said. "We knew there would be, Right? That's why we left the C.B on." Shane said. "A lot of good it's been doing," She said looking at him. I sighed a bit and put my hand on my forehead, covering my eyes from the sun. It was hot as hell out here, "I've been saying for weeks, we ought to put signs up on 85 to warn people away from the city." She said. "Folks have no idea what they'd be getting in to." Amy said. "People are stupid if they head towards the city." I said. "You were in the city." Lori said. "I was trying to get out, of the city. I wasn't going into it." i said looking at her, annoyed at her comment. "We haven't had time. And she's right, Anyone would know the city is the one place they shouldn't go." Shane said standing up, "We need to make time." she said.

"Yeah, that- that's a luxury we can't afford. We are surviving here. We are day to day." Shane said. "No one's gonna wanna go down there alone Lori, unless they have a death wish." I said, she looked at me. "I'll go, give me a vehicle." Lori said. "You're- did not hear what i just said?? Besides; where would you start.? We'd need something big and we don't have the supplies. We need everything we can find." I said looking at her. "Nobody goes anywhere alone. You know that." Shane said. Lori looked at him for a few seconds then started walking away, "Yes sir." She said as she walked.

Carl started running after her but Shane stopped him. "Hey- hey, hey. Go on, take a seat bud." He said, Carl looked up at Shane with this look of worry almost. I get it, kids want their moms, especially right now.. "You're alright, go on." Shane said and pointed at a chair, I walked over to him and put my hands on his shoulders, Shane nodded at me and i gave him a small nod, he went after Lori. I looked down at Carl and he looked up at me. "You want me to help you with your chores?" I asked looking at him. He nodded a bit, "Okay," he said. "Alright, let's go." I said as we walked.

I started helping him out with his chores but he kept on looking over towards the area we had all the tents at. "Go," i said. He looked over to me and slowed down, "Go," i repeated. "Don't tell okay? My  mom's gonna get mad if she finds out i didn't do them." he said looking at me. I smiled a bit at him. "Our secret, go." I said. He smiled and put the clothes down then took off to go check Lori.

 He smiled and put the clothes down then took off to go check Lori

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