Chapter 18

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Welcome back amor!
I know I've been gone forever, so please do go back and read if you have forgotten. Can't wait for you guys to read. Sentima, xo.

As much as we wanted to, we couldn't deny the split that seemed to hang between us.

What did we expect? To have things go back to the way it was almost two years ago? I thought to myself.

My love for him didn't change, and that was something I could say with confidence, but my experiences changed me as a person. It would have changed anyone in mine or his position and that was something we both understood.

We're two different people now.

Zaden stood staring out of the window with his back to me, smoke clouded around him. I knew he smoked a cigar every now and again so it wasn't surprising seeing him smoke the thick and over priced roll of tobacco leaves.

"Keep watching me like that and I might just blush for you Versana." His voice came out confident and deep.

I smiled at the memory of him saying the same thing around the time we started dating, and till this day, I'm still nervous to be around you.

"Versana." He called, pulling me out of my day dreaming state.

"I don't think I could ever get use to the name." I sighed.

Zaden's piercing eyes searched mine from across the room, they seemed to be a shade lighter than his normal grey eyes. His lips fell into the smirk I had fallen in love with. "It fits you perfectly actually, Versana Vice."

I gaped openly at him, my eyes wondered slowly. Starting from his hair, it was darker than I remember, pushed back with the help of some kind of gel, the sides short and neatly cut. He had prominent cheekbones and a well defined jaw and nose. He's always had flawless skin, he knew how to take care of himself. The all black suit is custom made, hugging and contouring his tall and muscular physic.

He let the smoke leak out of the corner of his mouth slowly, placing the cigar in an ash tray and shoving his hands into his slacks, he made his way over to me. "I'm surprised Carter let you out of his sight." He sat on the arm rest of a couch and pulled me between his legs, his hands on my waist guiding me.

"I didn't tell him." My arms rested on his shoulders.

"Are you trying to get me killed?" He chuckled lowly. "I would prefer not to die at your brothers hands."

Of course Carter knew already, he would have known as soon as I told the guys to grab my bags, nothing gets passed him without my security notifying him my every move.

"One more second without you was going to drive me insane." I sighed, feeling myself relax at his touch.

"I missed you too princess." He rested his head against my chest. "Maceo sent me videos of you and Beau when he would visit, you two are so beautiful."

"She really misses you."

"Does she still have her promise ring?" He let me see how hurt it really made him, pulling my hands into his and staring at the finger he had put the ring on.

"She never takes it off, we have to get it resized often. She's getting so big." I nodded. "She has mine as well, I leave it with her when I travel without her."

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