Chapter 1: Reunion

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Chapter 1: Reunion

            Leaving Bart and Elle in Sweden is probably the hardest thing I have ever done. Since my parents death we have never been apart. I had been in a boarding school before. I attended Durmstrang for the past two years, but Elle and Bart were always nearby and visited with me every weekend. I know that I will miss them but Hogwarts is my only hope.

            I can't life my life in hiding. I've been holding back my true self; hiding my powers and my heart from everyone. I am ready to come out in the open and I am ready to master my abilities. Uncle Albus can protect me and teach me until I am strong enough to defend myself from people who would exploit me.

            I am dreading the idea of starting a new school at the age of 15 though. The other students have had 4 years to get to know each other and make friends. I am afraid of being the outcast. When I told Elle about this she told me that I would find my friends, my group. The sorting should help as well. Sorting should put me in a group of people who a like me. I am just afraid and excited.

            I have just arrived in London and Uncle Albus is supposed to be meeting me here at the train station. But he is nowhere in sight. There is a sullen man approaching me, he has greasy black hair and beady eyes. I know he is a wizard, he is wearing wizard robes and a cloak.

"You must be Elena. I am Severus Snape. unfortunately your Uncle was tied up at Hogwarts at the last minute, so I will have the honor of escorting you to Diagon Alley to purchase your school things."

I nodded and followed him as he skulked toward the exit and into the brisk London air. I struggled to keep pace with him as he turned down one street then another and another. He came to an abrupt halt in an alley, in front of a wall. he tapped a brick and the wall gave way to a bright shopping corridor, bustling with Hogwarts aged children and their parents, doing their school shopping at the last minute. He took a piece of parchment out of his robe pocket.

" Right then. Here is a list of the supplies you will be needing. I will purchase your books and potions set, in the meantime you should get fitted for your robes. I will meet you in front of Gringotts in one hour to escort you to where you will be staying until you leave tomorrow."

I nodded again and then I realized that I had no idea where to purchase my robes, I looked up and intended to ask but Snape was already long gone. I looked around me and saw a familiar looking woman with icy blonde hair, with a boy my age in tow. He had the same white blonde hair and deep steely gray eyes. The woman noticed me looking and approached in a tizzy.

"Elena Merlin, could that possibly be you? Elle sent me an owl telling me that you were coming to Hogwarts, but what are you doing here by yourself?"

I was confused. I had no idea who this woman was, but she knows Elle..?

"I'm sorry. Do I know you?"

"Oh dear, you don't remember me do you? My name is Narcissa Malfoy. I knew your parents, you and my son  Draco were playmates."  

"Well that explains why you looked so familiar. It is nice to see you both. Could you perhaps point me in the direction of where I am supposed to get my robes?"

"Of course sweethart, we were actually just on our way to Madame Malkins to get Draco fitted. Come along."

 Draco followed quietly as Narcissa and I walked to Madame Malkins. While Draco was being fitted Narcissa helped me pick some new robes. It was kind of annoying that she wanted me to try everything on, but she seemed so happy I didnt have the heart to tell her no. She sent me to the fitting room, my arms full of the latest witch fashions.

I was changing into the first ensemble that Narcissa put together for me when i heard hushed voices outside my dressing room.

"Draco, I want you to befriend Elena. Help her get in with the right crowd, and know the right people. She is a good girl from a pure and influential family, and she doesn't know anyone here. This is the perfect opportunity for you to..."

Not wanting to hear anymore I loudly came out of the dressing room wearing the purple robes, "Narcissa what do you think of this?"

Draco stood there his mouth wide open like a dim git. Why is he looking at me that way? Narcissa looked overjoyed.

"Oh dear you must have those robes, you look phenomenal. Try the red next.."

I finished trying on clothes and settled on the purple outfit and a blue and silver day dress that I loved. Draco went back to his silent self until we exited the shop.

"Elena, would you like to meet some of my friends? i am supposed to meet them here soon.."

"Well i am supposed to meet Severus..." I really wanted to go but I was already late, Severus was probably already at Gringotts. However I was interupted by a very perturbed looking Severus Snape heading my way.

"Miss Merlin you were supposed to meet me in front of Gringotts half an hour ago, what were you thinking... Oh Narcissa, I didn't see you there. I suppose you could escort Elena to your manor"

Oh so that is where I am staying until the train to Hogwarts tomorrow.

"Yes Severus, you are released of your escort duties, Draco and I will make sure that Elena makes it to Hogwarts so you can return to the campus."

Without so much as a nod of awknoledgement in my direction, Snape was gone.He was so eager to be rid of me. I was left with Draco and Narcissa.

"So I suppose you can head off to meet friends with Draco then. Son, see to it that you are both home for supper. I have a special meal planned and important guests will be in attendance. "

Draco nodded, took my hand ad started pulling me towards a group of people our age.

There were two box figured boys, a girl with a mean look on her face, and a third, rather attractive boy.

"Right, Elena these are some of my friends." He motioned to box 1 and box 2 "this is Crabbe and Goyle." They nodded and smiled matching wolfish grins. He pointed to the girl, who was glaring at me and my hand which was still joined with Draco's, "This is Pansy," and finally he motioned to the other boy who flashed me a charming smile "and this is Blaise."

Blaise immediately grinned even wider and extended his hand to shake mine "Nice to meet you Elena, Draco has told us so much about you."

Draco has told us so much about you...I repeated those words in my head, confused. I had no idea who Draco was until today, how could he know anything about me? Draco noticed the confused look on my face and patted my shoulder reasssuringly.

"My mother and Elle have always exchanged letters and pictures. I am surprised Elle has never told you about me. "

I was surprised too. I will have to ask Elle about that later tonight when I write my letter to her.

We went to an ice cream parlor called Florians and as we ate the group told me about the ins and outs of Hogwarts. Pasy lightened up a bit, laughing and talking to me; although whenever Draco got close her scowl returned. She obviously liked him, I didnt wat to upset her, so when Draco got close I tried to focus my attention on Blaise. He was nice and funny. I knew that he and I would be good friends.

Draco became very tense when I talked to Blaise, I could tell he was getting annoyed allthough I din't understand it.

When it was time to leave Draco took my hand again, leading me to car that was waiting on the road. When we got in the car he looked angry.

"You should watch out for Blaise, He's a player. With a differet girl every week. You don't want to get mixed up with the likes of him, you will only end up getting hurt. "

"Thanks Draco, but i think I will be the judge of that." He started turning red. "I am not saying I like him or anything, I just believe that everyone deserves a chance." With that said his color started fading, he went from being a tomato to just slightly pink. We drode the rest of the way in silence.

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