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All of us are experiencing a lot of struggles in life. It could be in our job, lovelife, money, friendship, family or even in ourselves. Too much problem can lead us to stress or worse, depression. You'll get drown at your own thoughts, drown that you might not be able to recover from it. If you are going to let the problems and fear conquer your system, you will lose.

Each one of us have different stories, different problems, different ways of coping up, different perspectives in life, but we have the same purpose here on earth, the purpose is destiny's mystery which we will find out as time goes by.

So let's live our life to the fullest and be happy and contented with everything we have. The essence of life is to see the best out of the worse in it. Learn how to treasure every little things and moments.

The untold stories of this five pips who fought hard despite of every pain ang sacrifices they've been through. Let us open our eyes to the half wonderful and half cruel yet meaningful world of this five people.

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