chapter 5 ➶

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wooow okay it's probably been a year since i last wrote a chapter, so apologies if this turns out really bad </3 thank you for all the support i've received, it truly means the world to me!!

warning: abuse/ mentions of self harm.

though jack wouldn't admit this to finn, he was absolutely terrified over the fact that finn was now the only person who knew that jack self harms. jack could barely remember what had happened that night. It all felt like a dream to him, but he was hopeful that the experience him and finn went through, could hopefully change their relationship.

it was now monday, three days after the incident occurred. jack stayed over at finn's house on friday, then returned home on saturday. jack was basically dreading the thought of going to school, since he still felt on edge over the whole incident. he wondered to himself whether finn will bring it up during school, or if he'd even speak to jack at all. remembering how finn completely ignored him last time, he wasn't getting his hopes up.

"it's not worth it.. he should just continue to ignore me and forget what happened between us... it would be better... for him at least." jack thought to himself, while quietly making his way down the stairs, in hope to not run into his father.

the day seemed to be going rather well for jack, seeing how his father was already out for the day, most likely getting drunk at a local bar. jack made his way to school, walking as slow as possible, trying to enjoy the peace and quiet, avoiding getting to school any sooner than he had to.

as jack reached the school grounds, he noticed his two, rather close friends, talking with each other. you could say that these two were his only friends, other than finn of course, but jack wasn't sure of what to call finn yet.

"oh hey jack!" one of the girls called out, putting his hand up in the air for jack to take notice of. jack collected himself, snapping out of his thought, and made his way over to the brunette and the redhead.

the brunette wrapped her arms around the short boy, greeting him with a soft smile. "jacky! i feel like i haven't seen you in forever." the brunette exclaimed, still keeping jack in a tight embrace.

these girls, millie and sadie, were probably the only two people in the world who understood jack, and were genuinely nice and caring towards him. the two girls were dating, and immediately befriended jack, after learning that he was gay. jack trusted them, but not with everything, but no one could blame him for that. ever since ellie outed him, he has had trouble with trust.

the conversation between the three was short, but gave jack satisfaction. after the three parted ways, jack made his way to his first class, which of course, was english. the class was most likely going to be working on the project, so jack was stuck with finn. it's not that jack didn't want to be around finn, he just wished he felt less awkward after what had happened.

jack made his way into the classroom, taking note that finn and his friends hadn't arrived yet. he let out a quiet sigh of relief, as he set his backpack down and sat at his desk. he checked the clock on his phone, seeing that he had 20 minutes before class would start, so he rested his head against his desk and ended up drifting into a light sleep.

jack woke up, due to a soft pat on his head. the brunette glanced up to be greeted by finn, sending him a soft smile, before he sat down next to him.

"you feeling okay?" finn asked casually, pulling out his books from his bag, placing them softly on the boys desk. "oh yeah! i was just a bit tired is all.." jack answered simply. "alright, that's good to hear." finn said softly, opening his books up to where to two left off on their project. "so... i was kinda asleep... what are we supposed to be doing?" jack questioned, turning to finn.

finn chuckled, turning to jack. "yes, i know you were kinda asleep. we're just working on our project, nerd." finn said, simply. jack nodded, before smiling softly, as he also pulled out his books from his bag. the two spent the rest of the period working on the project, to which jack was thrilled about.

"maybe he forgot already... god i hope he did.." jack began to think to himself, before he was snapped out of thought, hearing finn ask him something. "what?" jack asked, nervously, realizing he never heard what finn asked. "i said can we talk later. maybe at lunch or something?" he asked, beginning to close his books. "oh.. yeah sure. i'll meet you in the cafeteria." jack answered, sighing slightly, quiet enough for only him to hear.

"alright cool. i'll see ya. if you need anything just text me." finn replied, standing up from his seat. "got it. thanks.." jack smiled slightly. finn returned the smile, and made his way out of room, following his friends.

jack being the over thinker he is, almost gave himself a panic attack over what finn had asked. "he's gonna ask about the other night... i know it..." jack sighed as he thought to himself. jack was debating on whether to just go home, or actually go talk with finn. the first option seemed better, so he did just that.

jack had probably skipped more day's than he should have, but today, he didn't feel like dealing with everything.

as jack walked home, he was beginning to feel more and more guilty. "maybe i should just text him... it would be the right thing to do." jack thought, as he looked down at his phone. after more contemplating, he decided to text him.

hey finn, um i felt kinda sick
so im omw home. sorry.
sent at 11:28 AM

jack sighed, shoving his phone back into his pocket, as he entered his house. he was too caught up on his own thoughts to realize his father's car parked in the drive away.

jack was brought back to reality, by his father pushing him up against the wall. "what the fuck are you doing home already, you piece of shit." his father shouted, the reek of alcohol hitting jack directly in the face.

"i just... felt sick." jack stuttered, unable to form proper sentences whenever spoken to by his father. "always some shitty excuse with you" his father snapped, smacking him across the face.

jack was used to all of this by now, so he took the pain, and gave his father no satisfaction. his father thrived off of seeing jack in pain, whether it was through tears, or a painful groan, but this time was different. jack stood there, giving no reaction at all, which only made his father angrier. more smacks  and punches were directed to jacks face, resulting him to fall, unwanted tears beginning to slip. rage and hatred overtook his father's expression, before he spit on jack, and walked out the door.

the abuse hurt jack, yet his vile and cruel words were what deeply affected the boy. the bruises and scars would fade eventually, but his words sank deep into jack's heart, making the boy believe every word his father said.

jack was almost at his limit. he was tired of feeling so hopeless... so empty. he wished things could have been different. the small amount of happiness inside of jack was disappearing rapidly, and it wasn't long till the boy would be mentally destroyed.

aaand that is the end of chapter 5! sorry it was a bit short, i just wanted smth to start this fic up again. i promise there will be more fack content in the next chapter!! thank you for reading!

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