Chapter 6: Gaara's Father

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"So, I talked to father..."

Gaara, Temari, and I were gathered in Gaara's room. She's finally starting to open up to her brother a little. And now, she is going to tell us if we can attend the Academy.

"And? What did he say?"

I'm a little nervous about the answer to my question, but I really want to know if our request was granted. Gaara also looks eager to know. He's been fidgeting since Temari came in.

"He... didn't agree..."

No way... Gaara looks down.

"I knew it... He will never agree to letting me be around other people..."


I take his hand in mine. I look back a Temari.

"Isn't there any other way?"

"Well... He said that he wanted to meet you... then, he said that you might change his mind."

"Meet me...?"


Gaara firmly says while frowning.

"But Gaara, it could be the only way."

"I won't let Kiu anywhere near him."

Temari lowers her gaze. She's kind of right, though. It could be the only way.

"I'll meet him."

"I won't let you..."

"Don't worry, Gaara. He only wants to talk. Besides, Temari is going to be with me."


He's still frowning. I hate making him angry, but there's no better choice right now. Maybe I can actually make his father accept  him? That would be awesome too! Temari gets up and heads for the door. She then turns around and looks at me.

"You're coming?"

"Oh! We're meeting him now?"

"Better get things done quickly, don't you think?"

"R... Right."

I wasn't expecting it to be so quick... I'm kind of nervous... I look at Gaara and he has this expression of shock and worry, while looking at Temari in disbelief. That's a lot of emotions in just one look. I wonder how I'm so good at reading his expressions. In fact, he's the only one that I can immediately understand how he feels. Well, this is not the time to daydream! I need to get this conversation with Gaara's dad over with. I go and follow Temari who leads me down the stairs. We go through a bunch of halls and then we arrive in front of a closed door.

"Now, Kiu. I want to tell you a few things that you should take into consideration when being around the Kazekage. First, you have to always address him as Lord Kazekage. Second, you can't interrupt him under any circumstances. Finally, you have to always agree with what he says and not openly oppose him. Got it?"

I nod, even though I completely blanked out at everything she just said. Mostly because it was too much information for my brain to take... It's probably also because I'm really nervous right now... But I have to talk to him... For Gaara's sake. Temari knocks on the door.

There's a short silence, until a voice comes from the other side of the door.

"Come in."

I gasp a little. I'm way more nervous than I thought. My hands are sweating, my knees are slightly shaking, and my mouth is dry. My voice will also be probably really shaky too. Temari opens the door and goes in first. I follow closely behind her. I look past Temari and I find some kind of see-through curtain that separates us from a man wearing a long white robe, with a white and blue hat. Looking at him more closely, he has similar features to Kankuro. He's sitting on a pillow, with two people sitting on each side of him. I bet those two are ninja.

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