Something Phenomenal

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Gabriel is sick
And Shane is beside her during her ups and downs
But with both of them losing time and connection
Will they be able to pull off an adventure of a lifetime?

"This is not a love story. This is a story about falling in love... with being alive."

Something Phenomenal
Written by april_avery
Genre: Teen Fiction/ Young Adult

Author's Note:

This story revolves around sickness and the experiences and ups and downs that comes with it. This may contain trigger warnings so please be advised that this isn't for everyone.

I initially hesitated (and afraid) to share this story because the concept is raw and it's reality brought home. But just like Something Spectacular, I will once again pull up the courage to share something that's really important to me.

This is a project for those of you who believe that this world is still worth living no matter how hard it is to stay alive.


Always braver,

The story is written in date entries with shorter and longer entries depending on the events of the day.

The story you're about to read and all characters involved are work of fiction.

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