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"are you ready?" mingyu asked, tying the laces on his black converse as he waited by the front door.

"i'll be down in a second!" wonwoo yelled from the top of the staircase.

once mingyu tied his laces, he waited in the living room, still admiring the sheer size of the house wonwoo lived him, but he couldn't help but feel like he recognised the building when he saw the exterior.

he walked around the living room, looking at the different furniture and photo frames that were either hanging on the wall or situated on top of the marble shelf above the fire place. most of the pictures were portraits of the different family members at different ages, but a particular family photo caught his eye.

the photo included four individuals, one being wonwoo. there were two others, their hands placed on the shoulders of wonwoo and another girl who was sat down, assuming the standing and older people were their parents. but who was the girl? she looked familiar, like mingyu had seen her before. is it wonwoo's sister? but if it is, why has mingyu never seen her or the parents before?

"so you're the reason wonwoo has been so happy lately." a voice said, an annoying voice mingyu knew all too well. mingyu turned around to see jeon chaeyeon, leaning on the wall with her arms crossed.

"what are you doing here?" mingyu asked, which seemed like the stupidest question to the girl.

she giggled obnoxiously. "i live here obviously." it took mingyu a while to process what chaeyeon had just said, he looked back at the family photo then at chaeyeon. "wait- you're wonwoo's sister?!"

she nodded, a sly smile on her lips. "so when i came here to graffiti your house, i basically graffitied wonwoo's house?"

"that's the stupidest question, mingyu. obviously yes." she said with an annoyingly high-pitched voice, a giggle following after. she removed herself from the wall and walked towards mingyu. "now, stay away from wonwoo."

"what the fuck? why should i listen to you?" mingyu said, just wanting to leave with wonwoo and go on their date.

"because your dad already fucked up our family by taking away our parents. i'm not going to lose wonwoo to someone related to that monster." chaeyeon argued as mingyu was left in shock.

"w-wait. my dad... killed-"

"DON'T finish that sentence." chaeyeon interrupted. she walked away from mingyu, staring at the picture of their deceased parents that sat alone on the wall. "do you know how guilty wonwoo feels over the death of our parents? he blames himself everyday, telling himself that he could've done something to stop what YOUR father did to them."

"does wonwoo know?"

"of course he doesn't." chaeyeon semi-yelled. "but if you don't stay away from him, i'll tell him myself and it'll break him even more."

"how could you do that to your own brother? you tell me to stay away from him for his own safety, yet you don't care how depressed he might become knowing my father killed his parents?" mingyu argued, still in disbelief. "how fucked up can you get?"

"it doesn't matter, he's planning to re-open the case anyway. he will find out either way." chaeyeon said lowly. she looked at mingyu with pure hatred in her eyes, even though mingyu wasn't the one who killed her parents in the first place. "so if you do care about wonwoo and want what's best for him, stay away   from him."

their conversation ended at that after wonwoo came downstairs, not wanting for wonwoo to overhear what they were talking about.

the two sat in wonwoo's car, an unknown song playing on the radio as wonwoo talked about how excited he was to take mingyu to the place they would spend their date.

mingyu looked at wonwoo driving, seeing the bright smile on wonwoo's face warmed his heart. but his mind went back to what chaeyeon was saying earlier. do you know how guilty wonwoo feels? he blames himself everyday for not doing anything to stop your father from killing them. just thinking about what she said made him feel so sad. because behind the hard working and cheerful mask wonwoo liked to wear, was a boy who blamed himself for his parents' death, a death that wonwoo wasn't involved in.

in a way mingyu and wonwoo were so alike, but wonwoo was so much stronger than him. mingyu put up tough delinquent act to protect himself from the people who hurt him, but really, he was just a coward. wonwoo still worked hard and managed to get through life, despite the guilt and grief he didn't deserve to feel.

maybe he should do what chaeyeon said, because wonwoo doesn't deserve to feel pain anymore, and mingyu being with him may bring him more pain.

but little did mingyu know, he is the reason wonwoo's pain has been healing.

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