Love Issue with Furrale Gordan

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Chapter 1 - 


For the longest time I've known Furrale theres never was a dull moment in the laughters we had, never a day would go by without a smile from him or a joke unheard or even his irritating stuttering talk would keep me away from my best friend, I didn't know it yet but I was in love with him..

My name is Maya Fyrn, and my best friend the one and only Furrale Gordan age 22 and 2mths younger than me. Being his friend wasn't that bad or hard, it's the keep up with the "Furrale Gordan" Fan club was the real issue.. You see, Furrale wasn't just my best friend, his every living girl's dream guy and every guy's best buddy... Oh yes Furrale was the most popular guy in the whole school, Cannington High, the Most well known and only the Rich was accepted to the school, for me the school was the only place i would be alone even if Furrale was with me.

I couldn't help but to notice how great Furrale would look without his shirt, That golden tan, toned body only fit for the gods and male supermodel, that wavy sleek black hair, Husky sexy voice that would even melt the coldest ice on earth and his cute face, how do i describe his eyes so gentle, his strong nose and chiseled chin only compliments his polished cheeks and that kissable lips so lush and inviting. Being his best friend was the only way i could enjoy this with no one to say that i'm in love with him for i felt that beauty was just skin deep.. Yet Furrale it was definitely different, With his drop dead gorges looks he does have a few flaws, Furrale has a slight stuttering syndrome but yet he manage that by acting that it was a joke he love to make, only i know his secret.




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Chapter 2 - 


Walking fast to the black Mercedes, my baby.. I can't help it no one would understand why would i get a black merces even if my dad could afford a Porsche being the CEO of the Foreign Axel Machinery, a company both Mr Gordon and My dad build together, yeah i'm surprise why wouldn't just be partners in the business i can never know the real reasons.. Yet our family ties were as close as if they were brothers, naturally Furrale William Gordan and I, Maya Samantha Carossa would become friends.. We grew up together right from the first diaper days to the birthdays celebrations (till we're ten thank god!) I can't think of a day that i wasn't away from Furrale when we were young but ever since high school, we had our own set of friends and he became the most popular guy in school and i became the world class nerd..

Just when i was about to open the car door Nadin, my personal updater on the buzz around school and my personal fashion critic came walking fast in her by design only shoes crunching the gravel under her loudly, " Hey maya! guess what?, I'm going to the ground up party of the century!!", I know who's party she's talking about... We both say in unison,"Furrale's 23rd birthday..." saying it while rolling my eyes at her.. "Of cause i  know of his birthday mine just past 2 months back nadin, and i'm not going to be there, i'll pass the "Furrale Fanwave" and past him his birthday gift the next day! Simple as that..", And as usual nadin would never listen, bump me aside and jumped in my car, Driver's seat that is and flagged me for the keys, typical move when shes trying to be in charge, no one ever could fight it with her. My best bet is to get in the car and let her drive me to my doom or in my case, secret  heaven.

We drove straight to the mall and Nadin gladly drag me to the most popular shoppe to get her dress and to work her magic on me.. "This time you won't just be Furrale's Best friend, I'm gonna make you the hottest girl that Furrale would be proud to be your best friend!".




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