"Right now." She said softly but seriously as I grunted but nodded, I felt staring up at her through constant tears rolling down my face.

She quickly called down the teachers for lunch as she looked at my barley awake figure, the chair was somehow ten times comfier than what I display slept on which was the wood and concrete of a fucking torn down treehouse.

"Come here." She stared with a slight stern but gentle tone which made me look up nervously before breaking into sobs, she wasted no time into lifting my small figure up soothingly shushing my tense figure, running gentle and comforting stroking circles on my bare arm sending me into a bliss relaxation.

"P-please don't send me back" I sobbed while internally screamed at how I let my smaller side start to win but she hasn't come out in forever making me have no choice but to let my walls down from how sick I was, she cooed and rocked me as she shook her head.

"Where is back little one?" She asked softly S she grabbed a soft baby blanket that was my favorite color, blue. She must have noticed my eyes slightly light up at the blanket making her smile softly and wrap it around my sick and exhausted figure.

"T-the bad people." I whispered in a soft voice making her looked even more concerned than before as she sighed and sat in the chair.

"Never." She stated seriously but softly as I nodded hesitantly not knowing whether to trust her or not but that answer was the best I could get at the moment.

I nodded softly as I gave in softly leaning into her chest while she caressed my arms almost giving into sleep while she rocked the chair slightly before my teachers or should I say now drug dealers bursted into the room with worried and concerned looks, even Mrs.Ruiz which surprised me more than ever.

"Is she okay?" Mrs.Valentina asked worriedly as I clearly was too weak to speak when Mrs.Cornell took me into her arms and started rocking me while Mrs.Romero played with my hair.

Coach Morano huffed at her statement looking at the four people in front of her, "well she was almost asleep before you guys bursted in like a group of fucking monkeys." She huffed as Mrs.Perez glared at the group when they all started arguing back and forth making Wren whimper and Mrs.Perez start to get overprotective which confused me more.

Why did they care so much?

"enough." Her voice boomed dominantly making them go silent and my voice giggle slightly at their funny but scared faces as Mrs.Perez smiled at my slight happiness and took me in her arms pulling me to her chest, I was too weak to fight back as I just leaned tiredly into her chest while she stroked my face effectively putting me to sleep.

"I'm going to figure this out and you four with keep you're mouth shut about this got it?" She growled as my eyes were barley open while they nodded immediately, "I'm taking her home and we will figure this out later when it comes to the problem." She spoke in her deep and rasping accent making Mrs.Valentina jump up.

"I'm coming too Dani." She says leaving no room for discussion, Mrs.Ruiz or Dani sighed at her stubbornness but nodded softly, gesturing to the door as she grabbed a small stuffed lamb making me immediately clutch it to my chest.

I didn't care if I looked stupid for it, I needed comfort since Toby wasn't with me making Dani smile immediately at my action which shocked me since she doesn't seem like the person to smile a lot with her dominance and intimidation

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I didn't care if I looked stupid for it, I needed comfort since Toby wasn't with me making Dani smile immediately at my action which shocked me since she doesn't seem like the person to smile a lot with her dominance and intimidation.

"What are you gonna name them princess?" She asked softly which made me surprised and smile slightly at her actually interaction at the fact she even wanted to know the name of course, that I already came up with. "I-I can keep her?" I whispered slightly excited and surprised making her chuckle and nod slightly.

"Auggie." I managed to whisper out nervously while rubbing my eyes as I cuddled into her chest which made her effectively pat my bottom, making me even sleepier.

"Sleep love, you need it." She whispered soothingly as I closed my eyes cuddling further into her hair from the lights around me making me feel somehow even safer in her lavender scent.

God I hope I never leave.

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