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I sighed shakily walking into the doors of the school, I ran out of drugs already from my episode last night making me feel smaller than usual which did not help the fact I was feeling like absolute shit while I was sick.

When I was in homeroom, Mrs.Perez had pointed out my sick like figure, from my running nose to my pale skin, my sweat making my hair stick to my face and my eyes had sunken in.

Although although she didn't comment, it all came down to gym class after the constant reassurance with my croaking voice that I was fine from all my recent teachers that came to hell.

I was running weakly around while Coach Morano gave us orders on what to do, she had noticed my figure as I let out a slight whimper at the pain of my ears from the loud blow of her whistle.

"Everyone take a break, Wren sweetheart come with me into my office please." She said as I stumbled tiredly trying to hide my congested cough while going into her office trying to stand as much as possible on my shaky legs.

She stared at me silently when she entered her office, as if she was reading what was wrong with me while I avoided contact trying to remain standing.

"You're sick wren."

She stated in an obvious but sympathetic tone while I shook my head mumbling words under my breath, "I'm not sick." I stated croaking our stubbornly through tears making me hate my smaller side even more as I couldn't help but let out a sob making her slightly surprised but her face soften.

"Love, you need to go home, it doesn't help the fact of you're classification and Everyone is worried for you, you're teachers and me." She stated in a slow gentle tone as if any word could set me off making me shake my head in defeat.

"P-please don't make me." I whispered gently whimpering making her sigh, "I'm gonna call you're parents and come to tell you to pick you up."

At that statement I immediately jumped up, "NO!" I screeched out which resulted into my state continually coughing like a maniac, giving her a begging look through tears to her confused expression.

"P-please don't." I had begged in a soft whisper making her sigh, "I'm sorry wren it's protocol."
She stated seriously as she lifted me into her large but comfy office chair making me tense up, her confusion turned into concern as I flinched at her contact but she looked into the phonebook calling the number I put in.

"Hello, welcome to dominos pizza how can I help you?-" at the sound of that the knowing look she gave was all it took for her to hang up and look at me immediately.

"Explain." She stated softly but seriously to my curled up and miserable figure, I just stayed silent as I looked at the floor making her sigh at the lunch bell cutting off our conversation.

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