Chapter Twelve

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‘Erm.’ I frantically tried to remember what I was about to say, ‘Oh yeah. Can you remember everything your other… copies do?’


‘Wow! So why don’t you do it all the time? You could skip school but learn… At the same time…’ I gushed, my eyes widening at the possibilities.

‘I said one more question.’

‘What!? That’s not fair!’ I complained.

‘Oh whatever, fine.’ She snapped, ‘You whine so much!’

I made a face, ‘You don’t have to answer, y’know.’

‘I want to though.’ She said rolling her eyes. ‘God, grow a backbone! Anyway, I can only do it to help people. It’s my affinity.’


‘What’s so hard to understand about the sentence ‘no more questions’?’ Alice asked, speeding up her pace, ‘Oh dear, look apologetic, Mr Handsen is giving us a glare as hot as I am.’

I rolled my eyes at her vain comment but did as she required as I spotted a handsome, messy haired teacher giving us a disapproving stare.

As soon as we entered the odd ‘classroom’, which, from the inside, like an open-air theatre, but with natural stone seats and a wide grass circle filled with smoking black pockmarks, he walked over to us. ‘Hello Alice. Care to explain why you are late?’

‘I’m sooo sorry, sir. I was showing Eve the way here, and then we had to go back to her dorm, all the way in Wells, to get her diary!’ Alice said sincerely, giving the teacher an apologetic look.

I made a face at the lie, why couldn’t she have told him about the spell she did?

‘Oh, well, I’m sure that is what is happened. Moreover, well done for not using the find and return spell. It takes a lot of restraint.’ He backtracked, and quickly turned away, flustered.

‘Wow.’ I said, raising an eyebrow at Alice, who was staring at the teacher with a look of awe as he talked to a student.

She quickly looked away from him, and the star struck quality in her eyes faded, as the witch narrowed her eyes at me. ‘Shut up.’ She snapped, and dragged me to a stone bench just in time for Mr Handsen to walk to the middle of the field.

‘Thank you for waiting as I resolved Miss Moore’s… problem with her misbehaving fog spell.’ He said, throwing an amused glance at a curly haired girl in the third row, who was blushing furiously. ‘For next time, Rachael, it’s calio commo, not cario commo, which, for future reference, is the phrase for lightning, should you need to learn it.’ That explained the deep craters in the ground which looked like they had been burned.

The class laughed good-humouredly, and Mr Handsen cleared his throat. Which, though I must have been more than twenty five metres from him, was as audible as if he was standing directly besides me.

‘He’s talking to us in our minds.’ Alice explained in a whisper.

Mr Handsen threw Alice a sharp glance before continuing. ‘Now that we’ve all got a hang of how to make fog, bring your notebooks out and we’ll write down a few key notes.’

Alice brought hers out, and I followed. We had been allowed to buy any notebook for class, and my aunt had brought me a sober, black notebook with ivory paper. I blushed as I looked around; everyone else had playfully coloured notebooks with Hello Kitty, and other cartoon characters decorating the pages.

Alice nudged me, and I watched as she wrote something down on her page.

Don’t worry, I can put an illusion spell on it so it doesn’t look so… boring.

I smiled at her and wrote in the corner of mine,

Thanks! But I’ll just use stickers! By the way, how does the mind thing work?

Alice frowned.

It’s a long story. I’ll tell you after class.

I nodded, confused as to why Alice was being so kind to me. Or why she was so friendly in the first place. If I was being honest, I was just a new girl. The first three – if not four – encounters I had with her had been awkward and I had managed to get her angry with my. So why did she still talk to me?

‘-your books into your bags and stand up, the bells about to go.’ I jumped as Mr Handsen’s voice interrupted my reverie. ‘Eve, I’d like a word with you, please.’

My heart sank as Alice threw me a pitying look. She mouthed I’ll wait for you outside. Before hurrying outside as the bell rang.

Which was strange in itself as there wasn’t a bell in the room.

I shrugged, and swept my notebook into my bag, along with my pen. No more mysteries. I warned myself, and I waved to Alice as we both split off near the entrance, her towards outside, and me towards Mr Handsen, who was standing in the middle of the field.

‘Hi, sir.’ I said nervously, this time out loud. It seemed the mind thing only worked during lessons.

‘Hello, Eve?’

‘Y-yes, sir.’

‘Okay. I’m worried about your performance.’

‘My what?’

He gave me a wry look, ‘I noticed you didn’t pay attention during the lesson. I understand that you are new, but Ivy Rowe is a high achieving school, and I do not take skiving lightly. If you want to stay at this school, you will need  to pay more attention in class.’

I nodded quickly, trying to hold in the shocked tears that prickled my eyes.

He raised an eyebrow at me, ‘You are only new, so I will make allowances, for today, but, magic is a very dangerous thing to be playing with if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.’

‘Yes, sir.’

‘Okay. Well, bye.’

I managed a small smile before walking out of the glass globe and into less concentrated sunshine.

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